Plus One Hindi Study Notes PDF Download | Kerala Notes

Plus One Hindi Study Notes PDF Download | Kerala Notes

Hindi is a part of the Indian language family. It is the national language of India, where it is spoken by the majority of the population. We offer complete and latest study materials for plus one Physics student. It covers chapter-wise notes, textbook solutions, and previous year questions with solutions.  

Hindi is a part of the Indian language family. It is the national language of India, where it is spoken by the majority of the population. the notes are divided into chapters, which makes them easy for handling. The entire syllabus is made into question and answer patterns, which makes you understand how questions will be asked for the examination, but the ideas are presented in the correct sequence as in the NCERT textbook.

These study materials comprehensively cover all chapters from Class-XI Hindi with detailed theory, numerical examples, objective questions, complete solved problems, and assignments, etc.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus One
Subject Hindi
Materials Provided Notes, Textbook Solutions, Solved Question Paper
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Hindi Chapter-wise Study Materials

Higher Secondary First Year (Plus One)  Textbook  Book has 4 Units. Each unit has 3-4 lessons in prose, poetry, drama etc.


 Plus One Hindi Notes Unit 1  सपने-सुहाने

Chapter 1: अनुताप


Chapter 2: मधुऋतु


Chapter 3 : यह हमारा अधिकार है


Chapter 4: जुलूस


➽ Plus One Hindi Notes Unit 2  चाँद-सितारे

Chapter 5 : दोहे


Chapter 6 : ब्लैक : स्पर्श जहाँ भाषा बनता है


Chapter 7 : आपकी आवाज़


Chapter 8 : चाँद और कव


➽ Plus One Hindi Notes Unit 3  जान-पहचान

Chapter 8 : आनंद की फूलझडिय


Chapter 9 : पत्थर की बैंच


Chapter 10 : सृजन की ओर


Chapter 11 : दुःख


➽ Plus One Hindi Notes Unit 4  दर-किनार

Chapter 12 : अपराध


Chapter 13 : समय के साथ हम भी


Chapter 14 : कहना नहीं आता


Plus One Hindi Unit I

There are four lessons in this section. Short stories, poems, letters and plays. This unit encourages learners to build pressure around themselves, rethink ancient poetry, realize the responsibilities of being a proper citizen, and cultivate patriotism. Focused Activities: Reading and understanding short stories, appropriate informative letters, written sketches, critical appreciation of poetry, etc.

Plus One Hindi Unit II

There are four lessons in this section. Duet, film reviews, editorials and poetry. In the second unit, Kabirdas couple spread good thoughts, realize the moral of life, watch the film critically, criticize, gain vocabulary, understand and respond to social issues, lead our society on the right path and fulfil their dreams. forced to watch. Centralized Tasks: Read and understand double characters, review and review films in different languages, write editorials on various topics and critique poetry.

Plus One Hindi Unit III

There are four lessons in this section. Essays, poems, translations and stories. This unit encourages learners to think positively, promotes the importance of values ​​and behaviours in life, activates self-awareness, translates from English to Hindi, feels the loneliness, social sensitivity of the working community. and participates in the discussion. Essays on various subjects, reading and appreciating twentieth-century poetry, translating excerpts from English, writing sketches, dialogues based on stories, precise writing, writing letters, writing advertisements etc.

Plus One Hindi Unit IV

There are three lessons in this section. Stories, IT words and poetry. This unit encourages learners to realize and repent of their mistakes, to know the words related to the ID well, to develop vocabulary, and to appreciate the reading of the first twenty poems.

Centralized activities: character sketches, letter writing, stories that translate to precise writing and dialogue words, seminar reports, reading and appreciating twentieth-century poetry.

Preparation for Theory Test (TE): Lesson based activities should be organized. Read each lesson carefully and focus on all the lesson material and activities. Centralize and implement formal information sheets, informal letters, film reviews, etc. Sketch writing, translation, ID vocabulary are close. The form of each process must be observed and followed exclusively. In order to answer the given questions, the text should be familiarized with and changed from personal comments and language. The components of the language need to be clarified to improve application-level questions and answers. We can expect current relevant topics incorrect information sheets and editorials. Conversations related to daily life may require translation.

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We hope the given HSE Kerala Board Syllabus Plus One Hindi Notes Chapter Wise Pdf Free Download in both English Medium and Malayalam Medium will help you. 

If you have any queries regarding Higher Secondary Kerala Plus One   NCERT syllabus, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.      

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