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Which subject is very hard in CBSE?

Its all about interest, for example a person feels Mathematics is harder and others enjoy it. Its all about your interest and how you get involved with the subject. You need to be careful in understanding your comfortable zone and how easily you understand the basics of the subject. The fundamental understanding of the subject is everything, it will solve all the advanced question that you may solve in future.

How to score good marks in CBSE class 12 Chemistry?

Chemistry is a high scoring subject which requires less time for preparations. Study reactions and make chart of the formulae and practice them. In-depth study of the subject can help you to increase speed and accuracy in solving questions.

Which are the Best CBSE Board Exam Reference Books?

  • Mathematics:  -- RS Agarwal,Dr. R.D. SHARMA 
  •  Physics -- HC Verma, S. L. ARORA 
  •  Chemistry -- ABC of Chemistry 
  •  Biology -- ABC of Biology 
  •  English -- Oswaal Publications

What is the difference between CBSE and NCERT syllabus?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is a body of excellence established by the Government of India, headquartered in New Delhi, to assist and advise the Central and State Governments on educational matters. related to school education. He published books according to the policy of the government. They do not run educational institutions.

For how many Marks will CBSE be conducting its term wise board exam Class 10

Under the new exam policy, the entire academic year will be divided into two terms and the board will conduct two examinations, one at the end of each session. First term will be Objective Type Examination Questionnaire consists of Multiple Choice Test (MCQs) of maximum Marks 50 with 2 Hours duration. The second term will have questions of different formats (Case Based / Context Based, Open Result- Short Answer / Long Answer Type) ofximum Marks 50 in 2 hours

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