Plus Two Zoology Study Notes PDF download | Kerala Notes

Plus Two Zoology Study Notes PDF download | Kerala Notes

Zoology is an important part of the plus two syllabi in Kerala. The zoology questions are based on different sections like animal behaviour, chromosomes, evolution, plant reproduction, and society, etc.  In this article, we have tried to provide you with complete and latest study materials for plus two Zoology students. We have started with the new textbooks which have been recently introduced by the board.

Kerala syllabus plus two Zoology study materials is an online and free guide for Zoology students. It provides complete notes with solved practicals, chapter-wise notesTextbook solutionsprevious year question papers with solutions. The website is created to help students to save the time and effort required to search for study materials on the internet.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus Two
Subject Zoology
Materials Provided Notes, Textbook Solutions, Solved Question Paper
Category Plus Two Kerala

Kerala Higher Secondary Plus Two Zoology Chapter-wise Study Materials

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 1 Human Reproduction

Cases of fertilization in humans involve the formation of gametes, that is, sperm in males and eggs in females. People reach sexual maturity after they reach a certain age - this is called adolescence. There are significant differences between reproductive events in males and females. In this chapter, you will explore the male and female reproductive systems in humans. The sub-topics covered in this chapter are the male reproductive system, female reproductive system, gametogenesis, menstrual cycle, fertilization and implantation, pregnancy and embryo development, childbirth and lactation.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 2 Reproductive Health

The term refers only to healthy reproductive organs with healthy function. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), reproductive health refers to all aspects of reproduction, including physical, emotional, behavioural and overall well-being of society. It includes sub-topics such as Reproductive Health - Issues and Strategies, Demographics and Birth Control, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infertility.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 3 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Genetics is a branch of biology that discusses heredity, as well as the diversity of roles passed from parent to offspring. Inheritance is the process by which employees are transferred from parent to offspring; This is the basis of heritage. Diversity is the degree to which children differ from their parents. This chapter includes sub-topics such as Mendel's laws of heredity, heredity of one gene, heredity of two genes, sex determination, mutations and genetic disorders.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 4 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

In the previous chapter, you have learned about hereditary variants and the genetic basis of such variants. The nature of the 'factors' controlling the hereditary system in Mendel's time was not clear. Over the next hundred years, the nature of the final gene material was explored in the understanding that DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid – is the genetic material, at least in most organisms. In Class XI you learned that nucleic acids are polymers of nucleotides. It also includes subheadings such as DNA, The Search for the Genetic Material, RNA World, Duplicates, Transcription, Genetic Coding, Translation, Genetic Expression, Human Genetic Project and DNA Fingerprint.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 5 Evolution

Evolutionary biology is the study of the history of living things on Earth. This is the origin of life, the evolution of life forms - a theory, what is the proof of evolution? What is adaptive radiation? Biological Evolution, Mechanisms of Evolution, Hardy-Weinberg's Theory, Evolution Short Story, Human Evolution related to Origin and Evolution, which is important for students to read.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 6 Human Health and Disease

For a long time, health was considered physical and mental with a certain humour. Health is affected by - (i) genetic diseases - birth defects and birth defects/defects from the parents; (ii) transitions and (iii) lifestyles that include food and water, rest and exercise, habits we pass on to our bodies, habits we do not have and alcohol abuse.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 7 Microbes in Human Welfare

In addition to macroscopic plants and animals, microorganisms are an important part of the biological system on this planet. You read about the diversity of living organisms in class XI. Microbes are different - protozoa, bacteria, fungi and micro-animal and plant viruses, viruses and prion protozoa are infectious agents. Germs such as bacteria and many fungi grow and form colonies in the nutrient medium that are visible to the naked eye. Such cultures are useful in the study of microorganisms. Microorganisms in household products, microbes in industrial products, microbes in wastewater treatment, microbes in biogas production, microbes as bio-controllers and microbes as bio-fertilizers are some of the by-products.

Plus Two  Zoology Chapter 8 Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation cover topics such as genetic diversity, biodiversity, ecological diversity, different species, diversity patterns, biodiversity loss, biodiversity conservation, etc. Depending on the situation, endangered species are protected in their natural habitat, thus preserving the entire ecosystem. Pre-conservation methods include conservation of endangered species in zoos and botanical gardens, in vitro fertilization, tissue culture, and cryopreservation of gametes.

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