Plus One Physics Study Notes PDF Download | Kerala Notes

Plus One Physics Study Notes PDF Download | Kerala Notes

Kerala syllabus Plus one Physics pdf study materials: physics is the science of matter and energy and their interactions. It is a natural science concerned with phenomena that occur on scales from subatomic to astronomical. Some fundamental concepts of physics are important and useful in other sciences, suc as biology. For example, the principles of physics,

Especially the laws of thermodynamics are used in chemistry to relate the macroscopic properties of substances to their microscopic properties. Kerala syllabus Plus one physics study materials is a document that comprises the physics unit examination in physics. Physics is the exploration into the properties and characteristics of energy, matter, space, time and force in the universe. As such, physics is complicated and can be difficult to understand. However, it must be understood by every student who wishes to get a high score in the examination.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus One
Subject Physics
Materials Provided Notes, Textbook Solutions, Solved Question Paper
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Physics Chapter wise Study Materials

Plus one Physics Chapter 1 Physical World

This first chapter will help in building a good foundation in Physics for Plus oneth and 12th. natural phenomena. Various ideas of scientists like Faraday, Ampere and Newton have been explained in this chapter.

Plus one Physics Chapter 2 Units and Measurements

This is the basic chapter that will clear your doubts regarding units, derived units, basic units, the structure of units and much more. This chapter will explain to you how the International Organization of Units is determined and what its requirements are. In addition, various methods like parallax angle and parallax method are explained for length measurement.

Plus one Physics Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line

This chapter introduces the students to the world of dynamics. We have already learned about the main features of movement in the previous classes. This chapter will help you to learn about linear motion along with technique and its measurement with detailed vision. In addition, students will learn the reference point and reference frame, displacement shape, path length, instantaneous speed, relative speed, interval, acceleration, etc.

Plus one Physics Chapter 4 Motion in a Plane

In this chapter, you will learn about speed and volume vectors and measuring gauges in a plane. You will also learn about the graphical representations of the rules for connecting vectors and measurement scales. There are topics like vector displacement and position, equality of vectors, vector summation of real numbers, sum of vectors by analytical methods.

Plus one Physics Chapter 5 Laws of Motion

In this included chapter, students will learn about moving bodies and the factors that act on these bodies. With this you will learn about the direction and activities of these moving bodies as well as the effect of gravity on these bodies. Motion is a very old subject which has been studied by great scientists like Newton, Aristotle and Galileo. This too will be discussed in this chapter.

Plus one Physics Chapter 6  Work, Energy and Power

There are many basic laws of energy, work and energy that you studied in the previous classes. But in this chapter you will learn about the interactions of all these dimensions. You will also have the opportunity to understand scalping products and the teaching distribution laws covered in this chapter. All these are the basis of understanding this chapter.

Plus one Physics Chapter 7 Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

Mathematical and theoretical concepts are explained in this chapter related to rotational motion. These concepts are explained in a very detailed manner so that students can understand these topics better.

Plus one Physics Chapter 8 Gravity

We all know that things attract the world. Therefore, the concept of gravity and its effects and how it was discovered is well known. However, in Plus one Physics, this topic will take you to the depth of the concepts related to gravity. Also, you get a good grasp on the technical basis of gravity, Kepler's law, law of gravitation, etc. Chapter.

Plus one Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids

In this chapter, you will study the physical properties of solids, elasticity, plasticity and many more. This chapter goes deep into the basic concepts such as tensile pressure, compressive stress, tangential stress, tensile stress and volumetric force.

Plus one Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Liquids

This chapter will introduce you to some physical properties like gases and liquids. What are the common properties between gases and liquids? How do liquids differ from solids? Difference between solids and liquids and gases are some of the questions that can be answered using this chapter. Some of the topics you will explore in this chapter are their effects on liquids using external forces and mathematical expressions such as pressure and stress.

Plus one Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter

This chapter will teach you the correct definition of heat and how this heat is measured. There are various topics related to heat flow which will be discussed in this chapter. Some interesting events in everyday life, why the wind blows near the beach or why blacks are healthy before fitting in. The edge of the tree will be illustrated by this chapter. In this chapter you will also learn why the temperature does not change when water is boiled in spite of a large temperature change in the process.

Plus one Chapter 12 Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is generally concerned with concepts related to temperature and heat and the transfer of heat and other forms of energy. It is considered a gross science. Furthermore, it deals with multiple systems and often does not include the molecular structure of things.

Plus one Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory

This chapter will help you to understand the fast motion of molecules and atoms and the support of gases. Since the 19th century, kinetic energy has been studied by Manswell, Newton, Boyle and many other great scientists. All this and all that is explained in this chapter of Theory of Dynamics.

Plus one Chapter 14 Oscillations

This chapter focuses more on tension, rectal movement and other similar movements that you studied in the previous chapters. The study of oscillations is considered very basic in physics. This chapter is about oscillation and oscillatory motion in detail.

Plus one Chapter 15 Waves

There are different waves and its implications that can be understood through this chapter. In addition, this chapter will help to develop a conceptual study of longitudinal and transverse waves, angular waves and the number, frequency and angular frequency of wavelengths.

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We hope the given HSE Kerala Board Syllabus Plus One Physics Notes Chapter Wise Pdf Free Download in both English Medium and Malayalam Medium will help you. 

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