Plus Two Chemistry Study Notes PDF download | Kerala Notes

Plus Two Chemistry Study Notes PDF download | Kerala Notes

Kerala Notes provide full and latest materials for plus two chemistry studies for students. It is free notes with complete chapter-wise notestextbook solutions, sample question papers, and previous year question papers.

Kerala Syllabus Plus Two Chemistry Notes is a comprehensive, book-based study material for plus two aspirants. The notes provide detailed and qualitative content that covers the entire syllabus in a systematic way. 
We are a company committed to helping students like you achieve success in your class 12 exams. Materials offered here include chapter-wise notes, solved questions by experts, and previous year question papers with their solutions.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus Two
Subject Chemistry
Materials Provided Notes, Textbook Solutions, Solved Question Paper
Category Plus Two Kerala

Kerala Higher Secondary Plus Two Chemistry Chapter wise Study Materials

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 1 Solid State

Here are the 11 topics covered in Chapter 1 of NCERT Solutions for Chemistry Section. Since this is the first chapter it is very important to read and learn this chapter properly. This chemistry chapter of Plus two will later form the basis of several chapters in the Plus Two chemistry book. In general, this chapter deals with the difference between crystalline solids and amorphous, solid states, unit cells, solid defects, etc.

Plus Two  Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions

Minimum 5 marks will always be asked from this chapter of NCERT 12 Chemistry. Thus this chapter has become important for the students to know and understand. Chemical Solutions class 12 chapter covers topics like concentration of solutions and different types of solutions. In addition, it includes the solubility of gases and solids in a liquid, vapour pressure in a liquid solution, Roulette's law, abnormal ass mass, incomplete and optimal solutions, and molar mass determination.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 3 Electrochemistry

At the end of this chapter, a student will be told what an electrochemical cell is. Also, he will learn about the difference between galvanic cells and electrolytic cells. The NCERT Solutions for Chemistry Class 12 Chapter also discusses the relationship between the general capacities of different cells, Gibbs energy cells and stable equilibrium.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 4 Chemistry Kinetics

Students who want to make their career in medical science and engineering must pay special attention to this chapter. This chapter of class 12 chemical solution covers a total of 6 topics which include chemical reaction rate, factors affecting rate of chemical reaction, integrated ratio equation, reaction rate due to temperature dependence, first reaction dummy sequence etc.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 5 Surface Chemistry

In Chapter 5 of NCERT Solutions Class 12, 6 topics are explained. In this chapter, 12th chemistry students can learn about absorption and its classification, classification of emulsions, interpretation of interface phenomenon with its importance, interpretation of absorption results based on friendly adsorption isotherms.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 6 General Processes and Principles of Isolation of Elements

8 Important topics of Class 12 Chemistry are discussed in this chapter of NCERT Solutions. Students are instructed to seriously address each question in this chapter. This will help them to develop in-depth and detailed knowledge of the solutions of this chapter. The topics covered in 12 chapters of chemistry are the concentration of minerals, origin of metals, refining process, extraction of crude oil from ores, electrochemical and thermodynamic principles of metallurgy, steel, zinc, aluminium, copper, refining process and much more.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 7 p Block Elements

p Block Elements is one of the Important and longest chapters in a chemistry textbook. It is important that the students perform well in this chapter. Some of the topics discussed in this chapter are nitrogen oxides, group 15, phosphorus oxide, group 16 elements, allotropic forms of sulfur, chlorine and many more.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 8 D And F Block Element

In this NCERT Book for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Change Group Physical and General Properties of Elements, Formation of Complex Compounds and Color Ions, Variation in Atomic Size, Ion Shape, Ionization of Enthalpy, Oxidation State and Magnetic Properties. Class 12 Chemistry chapter specifically talks about a chemical reaction, electronic configuration and oxidation states of modified metals, modules D and F in the modern timeline.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 9 Coordination compounds

This is one of the most complex chapters in the NCERT Solutions Chemistry book and deals with chemical and nuclear reactions. There is a total of 8 titles on this topic. Some of the important topics in this chapter are Fusion Compounds, Fusion Compounds and their Bonds, Fusion Compounds and Werner's Principle, Labeling and Isomerism of Fusion Compounds. There are many questions at the end of the chapter on Chemical Solutions for the students and detailed explanations for the required questions are also provided.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Chapter 10 of the NCERT 12 book deals with the chemical solutions of Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. At the end of the chapter, students can name Holorane and Holocene based on the IUPAC nomenclature from the given structure. In addition, this chapter will help to understand the various uses of organometallic compounds, relating to the structures of haloalkanes and Haloarenes, for different types of reactions. Chemistry helps 12th-grade students to understand the reactions involved in making haloalkanes and Haloarenes and the different types of reactions they experience.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 11 Alcohols Phenols and Ethers

A total of 6 topics in Chapter 12 of Chemistry will help the students to write the names of Phenol, Ether and Alcohol based on IUPAC placement. Apart from this, NCERT Chemistry students are also concerned with the various physical properties of phenols, ethers and alcohols. They also understand the reactions that take place in the process of making alcohol from phenol, alcohol, etc.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 12 Carboxylic Acids and Aldehyde Ketones

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Class contains all the chapters and their solutions, which will help the students to solve the questions easily and understand the concepts well. After completing this chapter, students can write common names for aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids and IUPAC names. They also identify the structure of compounds containing the functional groups of carbonyl and carboxyl groups and discuss the various chemical and physical reactions of aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 13 Amines

This chapter is in the branch of organic chemistry and will help students to understand topics like the preparation of amines, the structure of amines, chemical reactions and physical properties of amines and the importance of amines. salt of diazonium when forming aromatic compounds;

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 14 Biomolecules

This NCERT Book for Chemistry Class 12 Chapter discusses topics such as Starch, Glycogen and Cellulose. They will also learn how to interpret the different properties of hormones, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and proteins.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 15 Polymers

The complete NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry chapter focuses on polymers, and you will learn about many topics like polymers, monomers, polymerization, classification of polymers, their properties, resources. , linear branched chains and polymers are used for commercial purposes.

Plus Two Chemistry Chapter 16 Chemistry in Everyday Life

This is the chapter that explains the usefulness of chemistry in daily life. The topics covered in Chapter 12 of Chemistry are Classification of drugs, Targeted interactions of drugs, Therapeutic action of different classes of drugs, Chemicals added to foods, etc. It is good to read the complete NCERT questions for the Class 12 Chemistry chapter given at the end of the chapter for better practice and understanding.

Apart from this overview, we also provide you NCERT Solutions for Plus two chemistry.
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