This calculator is based on the new 2019 scheme. SGPA and CGPA of KTU students are calculated using Grade/Grade Points and credits. Calculate the SGPA for all semesters, for all the popular branches using keralanotes.com official KTU SGPA/CGPA Calculator. Calculate your semester wise SGPA for all branches under KTU.

SGPA Calculator
Calculate your Semester GPA, Cumulative GPA

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(ads2)Some of the popular branches available in Kerala Notes KTU SGPA calculator includes:

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CST)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MET)
  • Civil Engineering (CET)
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EET)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECT)
  • Information Technology (ITT)
  • Biotechnology Engineering (BTT)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHT)
  • Safety & Fire Engineering (FST)
  • Other Branches

The student's overall Percentage mark in a course determines their grade. Only the grades for the courses in which the student has enrolled will appear on the grade card. The semester grade card will include the grade for each registered course, the semester grade point average (SGPA), and the cumulative grade point average (CGPA). 

Every semester, grade cards for registered courses will be available in the student login. The University will issue the final consolidated grade sheet for the B. Tech programme, which will include the CGPA, once you have completed all of the required credits for the degree.

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