KTU Biomedical Instrumentation Notes S7 BI | ECT425

You will find study notes for KTU S7 Biomedical Instrumentation open elective (ECT425) on Keralanotes.com. The purpose of this course is to provide a brief overview of human physiology and the various equipment systems used to monitor and analyze physiological data. The development of techniques and tools for the treatment of diseases is the main emphasis of biomedical instrumentation. It is a developing area of biomedical engineering that combines engineering and medicine.

KTU S7 Biomedical Instrumentation (BI) Notes 2019 Scheme of KTU Fourth Year Engineering 2019 Scheme. Notes are Easy to Understand and help to get a good score on KTU Exam. PDF Download of KTU Fourth Year Biomedical Instrumentation 2019 Scheme Notes (ECT425).

Board KTU
Scheme 2019 New Scheme
Year Fourth Year
Semester S7
Subject ECT425 | Biomedical Instrumentation
Credit 3
Category KTU S7 Computer Science & Engineering

KTU S7  Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT425 | Notes (2019 Scheme)

KTU Biomedical Instrumentation Notes S7 BI | ECT425

KTU S7 Biomedical Instrumentation - (ECT425 ) Notes 2019 Scheme is very easy to understand and helps to get a good score in KTU Exam. The PDF of these notes can be downloaded from here.

This course explains physiological signal measurements and human anatomy. Show examples of different methods for measuring blood flow, blood pressure, respiration rate, and body temperature. Analyze the data from the ECG, EEG, EMG, and ERG recordings, Describe the helping and therapeutic gadget notion in brief. Describe the developments in imaging methods for medicine.

Module 1

Module 1 - Syllabus

Introduction to the human physiological system:  Physiological systems of the body (brief discussion on Heart and cardio vascular system, Anatomy of nervous system, Physiology of respiratory systems) problems encountered in biomedical measurements. Sources of bioelectric potentials – resting and action potentials -propagation of action potentials – bio electric potentials example(ECG, EEG, EMG, ERG, EOG, EGG, etc.)

Module 1 - Notes

Module 1  Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT 425 PDF Notes


Module 2

Module 2 - Syllabus

Biopotential electrodes and ECG: Biopotential electrodes – theory – microelectrodes – skin surface electrodes – needle electrodes – biochemical transducers –transducers for biomedical applications. Electro conduction system of the heart. Electrocardiograph –electrodes and leads – Einthoven triangle, ECG read-out devices, ECG machine – block diagram.

Module 2 - Notes

Module 2 Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT 425 PDF Notes


Module 3

Module 3 - Syllabus

Measurement of blood pressure, blood flow, and heart sound: Measurement of blood pressure – direct and indirect measurement– oscillometric measurement – ultrasonic method, measurement of blood flow and cardiac output, plethysmography –photoelectric and impedance plethysmographs.Measurement of heart sounds –phonocardiography

Module 3 - Notes

Module 3 Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT 425 PDF Notes


Module 4

Module 4 - Syllabus

Measurement of EEG, EMG, and Respiratory Parameters: Electroencephalogram –neuronal communication – EEG measurement, recording, and analysis.

Muscle response– Electromyogram (EMG) – Nerve conduction velocity measurementsElectromyogram Measurements. Respiratory parameters – Spiro meter, pneumograph

Therapeutic Aid: Cardiac pacemakers – internal and external pacemakers, defibrillators.Ventilators, heart-lung machine, hemodialysis, lithotripsy, infant incubators

Module 4 - Notes

Module 4 Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT 425 PDF Notes


Module 5

Module 5 - Syllabus

Advances in Radiological Imaging: X-rays- principles of generation, uses of X-rays- diagnostic still pictures, fluoroscopy, angiography, endoscopy, and diathermy. The basic principle of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging system, and nuclear medicine system – is radiation therapy. Ultrasonic imaging system - introduction and basic principle.

Module 5 - Notes

Module 5 Biomedical Instrumentation | ECT 425 PDF Notes


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