Plus One Botany Notes Chapter 2 Plant Kingdom

Plant Kingdom is among the most prominent kingdoms on this planet filled with numerous plants of different shapes and sizes. Plants carry out a range of fundamental life processes like respiration, movement, growth, and photosynthesis. Many modern pharmaceuticals have their source in the plant kingdom just like the modern food industry owes its developments to them.

Plant Kingdom is one of the major groups of eukaryotic life forms. They belong to the evolutionarily diverse kingdom of Protista. They can be terrestrial or aquatic, one-celled or many-celled. Some are unicellular while others can reach heights of 100 meters. The plant kingdom is divided into two groups, algae, and plants based on their life cycle.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus One 
Subject Botany Notes
Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name Plant Kingdom
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Syllabus Plus Two Botany Notes Chapter 2 Plant Kingdom

Topics covered:

The significant points discussed in this chapter are:
  • Algae
  • Bryophytes
  • Pteridophytes
  • Gymnosperms
  • Angiosperms
  • Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations
Classification of the plant kingdom is classified based on their characteristics and different features. Organisms are grouped together based on a number of common characteristics in order to form a particular group or category. 

Each organism is unique in its own way, hence the classification of organisms is categorized based on a number of crucial factors. From the human point of view, categories may be formed based on external appearances such as shape and size. While from the scientific point of view, categories are formed based on the genetic similarities and differences within each organism.

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