Plus One Math's Solution Chapter2 Relations and Functions

In this chapter, you’ll get a clear understanding of Relations and Functions. Both Relations and Functions have a different meaning in mathematics; however many get confused and use these words interchangeably. A ‘relation’ means a relationship between two elements of a set.  It is a set of inputs and outputs, denoted as ordered pairs (input, output). We can also represent a relation as a mapping diagram or a graph. A relation can either be symbolised by Roster method or Set-builder method. On the other hand, a ‘function’ is a special type of relation, in which each input is related to a unique output. So, all functions are relations, but not all relations are functions.

The concept of relations and functions is very significant in mathematics as well as in real life. Thus, an in-depth study of these concepts is extremely important.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus One
Subject Math's Textbook Solution
Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name Relations and Functions
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Syllabus Plus One Math's Textbook Solution Chapter  2 Relations and Functions

Chapter  2  Relations and Functions Textbook Solution

This is a chapter-wise solution to the Plus one Maths textbook. Here every question has detailed solutions, explanations, and procedures. The goal of this book is to help you solve any minor or major questions easily and quickly.

 All questions are explained with step-by-step instructions which will be useful for students who are weak in solving maths or don't understand the concepts of number systems. The solutions given are helpful not only in board exams but in competitive exams. It also covers all the answers to the textbook questions. Requesting you all please do proper practice with it.

Plus One Math's Textbook Solutions 

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