SSLC Social Science Solution Chapter2 World in the twentieth century


SSLC Social Science Solution Chapter2 World in the twentieth century

Social Science textbooks are not really excellent resources if you’re going for the Instructor’s solutions. This is why I have found several notes, pdf materials related to each note that may help you in your exam preparation. The textbook sometimes poses difficulty for students who don’t understand the fundamentals of science from where the topic stems. There are also rare cases wherein students encounter hard words that they may need to research on their own before tackling the topic again.

Studying social science is hard work but students still have to pass the class. It might seem like you have to do all the homework all of yourself and that your task is impossible but that is not true. You can be helped by others and get good results if you find a real expert for your work.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject Social Science Solution
Chapter Part  I - Chapter 2
Chapter Name World in the twentieth century 
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Social Science Textbook Solution Chapter 2 World in the twentieth century 

Chapter 2  World in the twentieth century  Textbook Solution

Qn 1.

What is meant by imperialism?

  • Answer)

    Using the political power and military forces European countries captured the colonies and considered it as the source of raw materials and market for their industrial products. Later on, the colonial masters started to invest capital in the colonies.

    The distinctive phase of flow of finance capital to colonies is Imperialism. The fundamental feature of imperialism is to impose a nation’s political economic and cultural dominance over another ration. Colonialists imposed their dominance using legal system, administrative measures, military forces etc.

Qn 2.

How does colonization differ from imperialism?

  • Answer)

    In the 18th century, as a result of Industrial Revolution, the investment began to increase and many nations produced more than what they needed. It could not be accommodated in domestic markets. The trade relation was established with Asian, African and Latin American nations. The European countries economically exploited other from tries using political power and military forces.

    The nations produced more than their need and it could not be accommodated in domestic markets. This resulted in competition among the European countries. The economical exploitation of European countries using political power and military forces among the nations later resulted in colonization.

    They had considered the colonies as the source of raw materials and market for industrial products. The colonial masters began to invest capital in the colonies.

    The phase of flow of finance capital to colonies is termed as imperialism. A nation imposing its political, economic and cultural dominance on another is a fundamental feature of Imperialism. This was done using legal system, administrative measures, military force etc.

Qn 3.

“Paris Peace Conference led to the outbreak of the second world war”. Do you agree? Why?

  • Answer)

    Indeed the statement is true. The winning allies of the first world war signed the Treaty of Versailles with Germany. According to the treaty, German colonies were divided among the Victorian powers and Germany was forced to pay a huge amount as war indemnity. Germany was disarmed.

    The Germans were depressed and agitated. On account of the Treaty, Nazism under Hitler came into power succeeding in creating revenge and nationalism in Germany.

    When Germany, Italy and Japan attacked nations, Britain and France did not protest. Socialist country Soviet Union, was their chief enemy. This encouraged fascists attack and was called the policy of Appeasement. Poland was attacked by Germany on 1 “ September 1939. Allied nations declared war on September 3 which resulted in the second world war.

Qn 4.

What are the factor that led America into economic crisis?

  • Answer)

    The world was thrown into economic crisis in 1929. Poverty increased among the majority. The production rate increased but goods were kept unsold. The fall in share market resulted in economic crisis. Banks collapsed in the years between 1929 and 1932. Farmers could not sell the products and lost the property.

Qn 5.

List the features of fascism.

  • Answer)
    • Antagonism to democracy
    • Opposition to socialism
    • Glorifying the nation
    • Adoring the purity of peace
    • Justification of war
    • Diffusion of aggressive nationalism
    • Deifying the past
    • Indoctrination of ideologies through art, literature and education
    • Military dictatorship
    • Destruction of political rivals

Qn 6.

Match column A with column B.

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Disintegration of the Soviet Union
  • Benito Mussolini
  • World War I
  • Gestapo
  • Italy
  • Mikhail Gorbachev


  • Answer)
    • Adolf Hitler
    • Treaty of Versailles
    • Disintegration of the Soviet Union
    • Benito Mussolini
    • Gestapo
    • World War I
    • Mikhail Gorbachev
    • Italy

Qn 7.

Elucidate the political circumstances that led to Isreal-Palestine conflict.

  • Answer)

    Palestine was a part of Turkey till the first world war. But when Turkey was captured, Palestine came under Britain. As the Jews helped Britain in the war, then the foreign secretary Arthur Balfour declared the establishment of Jewish nation in West Asia as a reward. This is Balfour declaration.

    Zionism is an international movement with an objective of the establishment of a homeland for the Jews. The cruelty upd assault of Hitler towards Jews intensified the demand for a separate Jewish state. In 1948, Israel was formed. Many wars broke out between Israel and Arab nations. Israel seized Palestine and they were expelled from their homeland. The Palestinian refugees migrated to Arab countries.

    PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) was formed to establish a nation for Palestinians. Yasar Arafat was the President. After a series of blood shed and massacres, Israel agreed to recognize Palestine as a free nation. This agreement was mediated by the U.S in Oslo Pact. But the provisions are yet to be implemented.

Qn 8.

Examine the relevance of Non-Alignment.

  • Answer)

    After the Second World War, Asian, African and Latin American countries became independent. They realized that cold war was another face of imperialism and a threat to world peace. The liberated nations decided not to join any of the blocs and formed Non-Aligned Movement.

    They realized that weapons and strong military force would be a threat. Only a world without war or conflict would develop economically and socially. The idea of Non-Aligned Movement was formed in Bandung in Indonesia in 1955. The First Conference was held in Belgrade in 1961.

Qn 9.

What are the changes that the disintegration of the Soviet Union brought to the world?

  • Answer)

    The world faced a drastic change after the second world war. America to protect vested interests of imperialism and Soviet Union to protect socialistic ideas. Soviet Union could protect the world from American imperialism. Soviet Union was able to protect the interest of Egypt in the Suez Canal Crisis. Also, Soviet Union stood for justice in the Cuban Crisis and in the conflict on Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

    But Soviet Union lost its power in the year 1991. Deviation from the basic principle of socialism and the external intervention as a part of globalization was the reason for the disintegration. The policies of Michael Gorbachev, the President, took Soviet Union to Imperialism.

SSLC Social Science Textbook Solution

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