Kerala SSLC 10th Focus-Area Syllabus Important Portions (EM & MM)

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus-Area Syllabus Important Portions (EM & MM)

The 10th grade SSLC in Kerala places a strong emphasis on subjects like English, math, and social science. However, it's crucial to pay attention to the government's syllabus. The focus area for 2022 may change at any time, depending on the state's financial status. Important Portions (EM & MM) of the Kerala SSLC 10th Focus-Area Syllabus are shown here.
For thorough preparation, students who are applying for government jobs in Kerala should frequently review the Focus-Area Syllabus Important Portions. Since the pandemic hasn't yet run its course and the majority of pupils haven't started attending classes, Having a focus area is crucial. But it differs from the area of attention from the previous year.

SSLC Focus Area Syllabus(toc)

Kerala SSLC 10th Standard Focus Area Study Materials 2021-22 

Some of the topics that will concentrate on preparing the students for the SSLC test have been chosen by the Kerala High School Board and SCERT. Students are finding it difficult to deal with the entirety of the components set aside for the approaching high board studies because schools are not operating during the present academic year and all lessons are held online. 

Because of this, the government consolidated research in certain areas, and it was predicted that these subjects would account for 90% of questions in each chapter.

Kerala SSLC Focus Area - English

Unit Lesson
1 1. Adventures in a Banyan Tree
2. The Snake and the Mirror
3. Lines are written in Early Spring
2 4. Project Tiger
3 5. The Best Investment I Ever Made
6. The Ballad of Father Gilligan
7. The Danger of a Single Story
4 8. The Scholarship Jacket
5 9. Mother to Son

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Mathematics (2022)

English Medium

Unit Name Focus Areas
Arithmetic sequence Arithmetic sequence concept.
Term and position.
The algebraic form of an arithmetic sequence.
Sum of first n term.
Sum of terms
(Except algebraic form )
Circles Angle in the semicircle.
The angle is formed by sector.
Cyclic quadrilateral.
Two chords AB and BC interesting a point
through P, PA × PB= PC × PD.
PA × PB= PC.
Square with an equal area of Rectangle.
Mathematics of Chance Possibilities as numbers.
Geometrical probability.
Second Degree Equation Form second degree Equation
Squaring problems related area and perimeter of rectangles 
Solution of the problems involve second-degree Equations (square completion)
Trigonometry Triangles with angles
45°,45°,90°; 30°,60°,90°
A new measure of angles (sine, cosine)
Distance and heights (questions related to
45°, 45°, 90°; 30°, 60°,90 only)
Coordinates A concept related to coordinate axis,
coordinate numbers.
Defining position of points using
coordinate numbers.
Co-ordinates of vertexes of the rectangle
where sides are parallel to the axis.
Distance between points.
Tangents Concept tangent
Tangent through a point on a circle
chord and tangent
Tangents from a point outside the circle
Solids Cone
The curved surface area of a cone.
The volume of a cone.
Sphere and hemisphere.
Geometry and Algebra Triangle problems
The slope of a line
Polynomials If P(x)=q(x) × r(x) then q(x) and r(x) are
factors of P(x)
(x-a) is a factor of P(x) −P(a)
Statistics Not a correct average.
Another average
Frequency and medium

Malayalam Medium

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Chemistry (2022)

English Medium

Unit Name Focus Areas
1. Periodic table and
Electronic configuration
Shells and subshells
The number of electrons in the subshells
Filling of electrons in the subshells
Subshell electronic configuration and blocks   
The period and group can be found on the basis of subshell electronic configuration
Group number of s block elements    
P block elements       
d block elements  
Characteristics of d block elements
2. Gas laws and mole
Volume of gas       
Pressure of gas       
Volume and pressure    
Volume and temperature
Volume and number of molecules      
Gram atomic mass       
One mole atoms
Molecular mass and Gram Molecular Mass       
Number of molecules
One mole molecules
3. Reactivity series and

The reaction of metals with water       
The reaction of metals with air       
The reaction of metal with acids       
Reactivity series and displacement reaction       
Galvanic cell
4. Production of metals Minerals and ores
Concentration of ores
Extraction of metals from the concentrated ores
Refining of metals
Industrial production of iron
Different types of Alloy steels
5. Compounds of non-metals Ammonia
Reversible and irreversible reactions
Chemical equilibrium
Le Chatelier’s principle
Influence of concentration on equilibrium
Pressure and equilibrium
Temperature and equilibrium
Catalyst and equilibrium
6. Nomenclature of organic
compounds and isomerism
Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne
Homologous series
Nomenclature of unbranched hydrocarbons Nomenclature of hydrocarbons containing one branch
Catalyst and equilibrium
7. Chemical Reaction of Organic Compounds Substitution reaction
Addition reaction
Polymerization – Combustion of hydrocarbons
Thermal Cracking

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Physics  (2022)

English Medium

Unit Name Focus Areas
1.     Effect of electric current Energy change in electrical instruments, 
Heating effect of electric current, Joule’s Law, 
Mathematical problems, 
Electric power, 
Related mathematical problems,
Electric heating instruments 
Peculiarities of substances used as a heating coil 
Short circuit 
Overloading, Working of Safety fuse 
Peculiarities of substances used as fuse wire 
Arrangement of resistances – Parallel and series combination, Related problems
2.    Magnetic effect of electric current Magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor
Right-hand thumb rule
Magnetic field around a solenoid- magnetic polarity
Factors affecting the strength of the magnetic field
Motor principle
working of a DC motor
Moving coil loudspeaker- Structure and working.
3. Electromagnetic induction Electromagnetic induction
Factors affecting induced emf
Currents in AC generator
DC generator and cell- characteristics and a graphical representation
AC and DC generator-Structure and working
Mutual induction
Transformers-Structure and working
Moving coil microphone
Power transmission in high voltage.
Electric shock-Safety precautions and first aid.
4. Reflection of light Reflection
Laws of reflection
Characters of the image formed in the concave mirror and convex mirror
Mirror equation
Magnification and related problems
New Cartesian sign convention
5. Refraction of light Refraction, Relation between optical density and speed of light 
Refraction is a different medium (figure) 
Critical angle
Total internal reflection 
Lens technical terms – complete 
Image formation, ray diagrams, characters of image 
Power of lens
6. Vision and the world of colours Short-sightedness
Long-sightedness – Reasons and Remedies 
Rainbow, Scattering of light, the relation between wavelength of colours and scattering Reason for red Colour of the rising and the setting sun
7. Energy sources Incomplete and complete combustion 
Fossil fuels-coal, CNG, LNG, LPG.
LPG and safety,
Green energy, brown energy, Energy crisis- reasons and solutions

Malayalam Medium

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Biology  (2022)

English Medium

Unit Name` Focus Areas
Sensations and Responses A nerve cell or neuron- diagram, functions of dendrite, dendron, axon, axonite, synaptic knob.
Peculiarities and functions of motor nerve, sensory nerve, and mixed nerves.
Brain-diagram, functions of cerebrum, cerebellum,
medulla oblongata, thalamus, hypothalamus
Causes and symptoms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Epilepsy
Windows of Knowledge Eye – diagram, peculiarities and functions of cornea,
retina, iris, pupil, yellow spot, blind spot, optic nerve.
Rod cell and cone cell- pigments and functions.
Flow chart: Sense of vision.
Causes and symptoms of night blindness, xerophthalmia, colour blindness.
Steps in the process of recognizing of taste and smell.
Chemical Messages for
Role of insulin and glucagon in maintaining blood
glucose level, cause and symptoms of diabetes.
Role of calcitonin and parathormone in maintaining blood calcium level.
Causes and symptoms of dwarfism, gigantism,
Pheromones – functions, and examples.
Natural plant hormones and their functions (Auxin, gibberellin, ethylene, abscisic acid).
Keeping Diseases away Tuberculosis, AIDS, Malaria-causative organisms,
symptoms, mode of transmission.
Genetic diseases-Hemophilia
Cancer-causes and treatment
Lifestyle Diseases
Animal Diseases, Plant Diseases
Soldiers of Defense Importance of skin (Epidermis, sweat gland, sebaceous gland) and secretions (Ear wax., mucus, lysozyme, Hydrochloric acid) in body defence mechanism
Stages of phagocytosis
Fever -flow chart 
Role of B Lymphocytes and T Lymphocytes in Specific defence mechanisms 
Importance of vaccination, working of vaccine, examples of vaccine 
Antibiotic, side effects 
Blood groups and their antigen and antibody Points to be taken care before blood transfusion
Defence Mechanisms in Plants
Unravelling Genetic Mysteries Hybridisation experiment conducted on the basis of one pair contrasting traits and formulated Inferences 
Differentiate the structure of DNA and RNA 
Process of protein synthesis 
Genetic mysteries behind the determination of sex in child
Genetics of the Future Insulin production through genetic engineering.
Role of genetic scissors, genetic glue, vectors in
genetic engineering.
Scope of DNA fingerprinting.
The Paths Traversed by life Chemical evolution theory, chemical reactions which
leads to the origin of the cell.
Main points of natural selection theory by Charles
Evidence of Evolution- Evidence from fossils and Comparative Morphological Studies

Malayalam Medium

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Social Science I  (2022)

English Medium

Unit Name

Focus Areas

Revolutions that
influenced the world.

American War of Independence.
French Revolution.
Russian Revolution

World in the twentieth   Century

Causes of The First World War  

Mussolini and Fascism  

Hitler and Nazism  

Non-Aligned Movement: An Alternative to Bipolar Blocs

Public Administration

Public Administration 

Importance of Public Administration  

Features of Bureaucracy  

Indian Civil Service

British exploitation and   Resistance

Impact of the British policies   

Kurichya Revolt 

First War of Indian Independence, 1857

Culture and Nationalism

Education for the Nation  

Nationalism in Art

Struggle and Freedom

Early Struggles of Mahatma Gandhi  

Non-cooperation and the Khilafat Movements  

Poorna Swaraj and Civil Disobedience  

The British Quit India

Kerala towards Modernity

Early Resistances against the British -Pazhassi Revolts 

Reform Movements and Social Changes  

National Movement and Women

The State and political science

Functions of a State  

Theories on the Origin of State  


Civic Consciousness

How can we foster civic consciousness Through Family, Education, Associations & Media  

Civic Consciousness: Challenges

India after Independence

Integration of Princely States 

Space Research in India  

Foreign Policy   

Panchsheel Principles

Sociology: What? Why?

The early social science thinkers 

Methods of study in sociology – Social survey, Interview, Observation & Case study

Malayalam Medium

Kerala SSLC 10th Focus Area - Social Science II

English Medium

Unit Name

Focus Areas

Seasons and Time

Seasons and the apparent movement of the Sun 

Rotation and calculation of time  

Greenwich time (GMT) 

Standard time  

Indian Standard Time (IST)  

International Date Line

In search of the source of wind

Atmospheric pressure  

Atmospheric pressure and altitude  

Temperature and atmospheric pressure   

Humidity and atmospheric pressure  

Global pressure belts  

Planetary winds ( Trade winds, Westerlies & Polar easterlies )

Human Resource Development in India

Qualitative features of  Human Resource  

Education and human resource development 

Human resource development and healthcare

Landscape analysis through maps

Topographic Map  

Uses of topographic maps  

Grid reference  



4 – figure grid reference

Public expenditure and public revenue

Public revenue 


Major direct taxes in India 

Goods and Services Tax (GST) 

Goods and Services Taxes (GST): Types

Eyes in the Sky and Analysis of information

Remote Sensing  

Classification of Remote Sensing based on the platform  

Satellite Remote Sensing – Geostationary satellites & Sun synchronous satellites  

Analytical Capabilities of GIS ( Geographic Information System )  

Overlay Analysis  

Buffer Analysis

India: The Land of Diversities

In the Himalayas – Northern mountain region ( Trans Himalayas, Himalayas & Eastern Highlands )  

Himalayan rivers  

Peninsular rivers  

Along the beautiful coastlines…  

Western coastal plain 

Eastern coastal plain  


Southwest monsoon season 

Retreating monsoon season 

Map- Rivers, Mountains & The Peninsular Plateau

Resource Wealth of India

Cropping seasons  

Food Crops 


Water transport Map- The Major Ports in India. (• Kandla • Tuticorin• Mumbai • Chennai • Nheva sheva • Visakhapatanam• Marmagao • Paradip• Mangalore • Haldia• Kochi • Kolkata )

Financial institutions and services

Functions of Reserve Bank of India • Function of Commercial Banks • Modern trends in the banking sector

Consumer: Satisfaction and Protection

Consumer Protection Act 1986 • Administrative mechanism

Malayalam Medium

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