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Kerala PLUS TWO Percentage Calculator is one of the valuable tools for Plus two 12th  students. Plus Two 12th Percentage calculator % calculates the percentage of marks obtained in the final board exam conducted by SCERT based on the NCERT syllabus.

After the Kerala Plus, Two results are out, candidates can use our Plus Two Science, Commerce, Humanities... percentage calculator to calculate their +2 percentage using the marks they obtained in the exams. We'll also learn how to calculate Plus Two percentages, Plus Two Mark to percentage, Plus Two percentage calculation, 12th percentage calculation from grade points, how to calculate the percentage of marks in 10th class, 10th mark percentage calculator, how to calculate 12th percentage, and how to calculate total marks.

Body in charge of the examination Kerala Board of Public Examination
Scheme SCERT
Qualifying criteria D+ or above, a minimum of 30% in TE separately

Once the Kerala Plus Two Result has been published based on the marks achieved by the students in the Exams, the marks and percentage of the student can be determined. Once the percentage has been calculated correctly, the candidate's performance is identified in the Grades of the Kerala PlusTwo Results.


Kerala's Plus Two syllabus consists of 6 subjects. Each subject's grade and grade point distribution can be found here. In this online tool, enter 'Plus Two' as the course name and '6' as the number of subjects. Then, using the 'CALCULATE' option, select the grade for each topic. In the window, you'll see the total grade for the mark you entered. To calculate the percentage, use this helpful tool. 

Per cent Grade Calculator Can Be Used To Convert Percentage Marks Score To Grade Points And Can Also Be Used To Convert Grade Rounds To Percentages Of Any Mathematics. It is a very simple process to understand.

12th Percentage Calculator

Calculate Your Plus Two Percentage From your Marks

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Total Marks Scored is :

The marks for each subject provided in the Kerala Plus Two Result can be used to calculate the percentage. If you receive an A+, your percentage will range between 90% and 100%.

How do you get the Plus Two (12th) percentage from Grades?

Kerala Plus Two Grading System 2022 is shown below in the form of a table. Grades are associated with grade points and a list of marks. In terms of student-protected grades, specific comments are also made on their Kerala PlusTwo Grade Sheet. The description included in the Kerala Plus Two 2022 grading program table is shown below:

GradesGrade PercentageGrade PointsRemarks
A+90% – 100%9Outstanding
A80% – 89%8Excellent
B+70% – 79%7Very Good
B60% – 69%6Good
C+50% – 59%5Above Average
C40% – 49%4Average
D+30% – 39%3Marginal
D20% – 29%2Need Improvement
ELess Than 20%1Need Improvement

Kerala Board Calculator And Two (12) Percent Is A Simple Mathematical Process To Do. In this article, We Show You What The Kerala Board And Two (12) Percent Are And How To Calculate The Kerala Board And Two (12) Percent From Cgpa. How To Calculate The Kerala Board And Two (12) Percent From CGPA. It is a very simple process to understand how the Kerala Board Plus Two (12) CGPA percentage calculator works. See the full process of converting Kerala Board Plus Two (12) Percentage into CGPA below:

Total Percentage = ((( Subject 1 + Subject 2 + Subject 3 + Subject 4 + Subject 5 + Subject 6 / 1200) X 100)


Marks Obtained in Subject 1 - 176
Marks Obtained in Subject 2 - 164
Marks Obtained in Subject 3 - 171
Marks Obtained in Subject 4 - 185
Marks Obtained in Subject 5 - 179
Marks Obtained in Subject 6 - 187

  • Total Percentage = ((176+164+171+185+179+187)/1200) X 100
  • (1062/1200) X 100
  • 0.885 X 100
  • The percentage obtained: 88.5 %
  • Total Marks Socred: 1062

FAQs on Plus Two 12th Marks Percentage Calculator

How to calculate the percentage of Plus Two Result?

To find out the percentage of marks, we divide the total number of points by the marks obtained in the test and multiply the result by 100. Example: Suppose that 1156 is the total number of points obtained in a test of 1200 marks, then divide 1156 by 1200, and multiply by 100.

How is the Kerala syllabus of Plus Two Percentage calculated?

Plus two percentage is calculated by Sum of subject1 + subject2 + subject3 + subject4 + subject5 + subject6. Then Sum of Marks divide by 1200, Then Multiply by 1000

We hope you will be able to accurately calculate the Kerala Board and Two (12) Percent from a Range Point or Range Using the Formula and Definition Provided in this Subject. If So, You Have Problems In The Percentage Percentage Please Let Us Know In The Comments Below.

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