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The Wreck of the Titanic is a poem about one of the greatest tragedies of the sea, the wreck of the Titanic on 14 April 1912. The ship collided with a huge iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. However, this disaster has uncovered some of the finest deeds of bravery and heroism of a few people, including Captain Smith and the crew.

All of the crucial themes for the Kerala syllabus Plus one English student are covered in the "Plus One English Chapter-by-Chapter Notes, Summary, Character Sketches, and Solutions." Benjamin Peck Keith's famous poem "The Wreck of the Titanic" extols the captain and crew of the Titanic on their maiden voyage for their bravery and valour. The boat's splendour is described in the first three stanzas. The poet describes the ship as a "poetry of iron and steel". We have been able to increase user appreciation due to our continued efforts.

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Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit IV Chapter 3 The Wreck of the Titanic (Poem)

Chapter 3 The Wreck of the Titanic


Benjamin Peck Keith was a poet from the United States. His background is unknown. He is thought to have been born in the year 1857. Edwin S. Keith was his father's name, and Julia A. Pelera was his mother's. As a result, it's safe to believe he was of mixed ethnicity. On November 13, 1913, at the age of 56, he married Kate Ross Tyson (age 49) in San Francisco, California, according to records. In 1921, he published Spoons of Silver and Spoons of Tin and Other Poems, a collection of poetry. "A Memory of Arizona" is one of his most well-known poems.



Benjamin Peck Keith's famous poem "The Wreck of the Titanic" extols the captain and crew of the Titanic on their maiden voyage for their bravery and valour. The boats' splendour is described in the first three stanzas. 
The ship is described as a "poetry of iron and steel" by the poet. Skipper Smith, the ship's heroic captain, never considered saving himself during the fatal night when it collided with a big iceberg. He stepped on the bridge and exhorted the crew to be brave and true to their country's beliefs. 
They honoured their country by responding to his call to "be British." The band performed "Nearer my God to thee" during the time when the life boats were lowered one by one and sent off. It will be difficult to discover another historical landscape with such grandeur. The poet then recounts a series of historical events in which equal bravery was demonstrated, including the tales of Trafalgar, Alamo, Waterloo, "The Light Brigade's" charge, and Jim Bludso's "The Prairie Belle" act. 
The story of the Titanic can still be considered by future generations as a sublime representation of valour portrayed with the utmost nobility in all of these narratives. The Titanic heroes' valour, according to the poet, is "more pure and true" and "sublime." 
The poem is divided into ten stanzas. Each of these stanzas is made up of four lines. The total number of lines in the poem is thus 40. This poem is written in couplets that rhyme. Metaphor, alliteration, assonance, and consonance are examples of figures of speech that add refinement to the poem. 
The iron and steel poem and the ship's sea dream are both stunning metaphors. The poet's feelings are evoked through the use of simple phrases.The poet has written in a straightforward and straightforward manner. 
He also employs a number of poetic tropes, such as metaphor and personification. An iron and steel poem is how the ship is described. A sea-dream is another term for it. Personification is also something we can see. 
The ship is shown as a lovely lady. The rhyme system for the poem is aabb. The poem also contains information about crisis management, patriotism, and gallantry. 

The Wreck of The Titanic Appreciation

 The poem, "The Wreck of the Titanic" by Benjamin Peck Keith deals with major world catastrophes. This poem tells us how people can rise to a higher level of heroism and values ​​in times of disaster.

The Titanic began its voyage from Southampton on April 14th 1942. It was a dream of the ocean and of the largest and largest ships. Thousands of people on the coast watched the largest and most luxurious ship on its first voyage. Everyone on board felt safe and sound. The ark was hailed as mankind's last work.

The first few episodes describe the excitement of the 2100 passengers on their first voyage on that huge ship. Suddenly the ship hit the ice in the Atlantic Ocean and began to sink. The remaining sections describe the attitude of Captain Smith, the Captain of the ship and his crew. He urged workers to be patriotic. He helped women and children to get into lifeboats and save their lives. This shows the courage of the Captain and the staff. The group played a hymn, "Nearer My God to You" and they all went down to the sea. The poet compares this incident to the patriotic events of the wars of Trafalgar, Alamo, Waterloo, Light Brigade and the courageous action of Jim Bludso.

This poem is very important today. It tells us what to do in the event of a disaster. This poem emphasizes the virtues of life such as courage, humanity, dedication and patriotism. The poet used simple and clear language. He has also used many poetry tools as metaphor and personification. The ship is described as a poem of iron and steel. It is also described as a dream of the sea. We can also see impersonation. The ship is made human and is described as a beautiful lady. The poem follows the standard rhyme system AABB. The poem also provides details about disaster management, patriotism and meekness.

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