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You will find study notes for KTU S7 CSE Web Programming (CST463) on Keralanotes.com. The fundamentals of web programming are made clear to the students by means of this course. The fundamental frontend and backend technologies required for the creation of web applications are included. The students will have the chance to pick up the abilities they'll need for web development, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL integration, JSON, and the Laravel framework.

KTU S7 Web Programming (WP) Notes 2019 Scheme of KTU Fourth Year Engineering 2019 Scheme. Notes are Easy to Understand and help to get a good score on KTU Exam. PDF Download of KTU Fourth Year Web Programming 2019 Scheme Notes (CST463).

Board KTU
Scheme 2019 New Scheme
Year Fourth Year
Semester S7
Subject CST463 | Web Programming
Credit 3
Category KTU S7 Computer Science & Engineering

KTU S7  Web Programming | CST463 | Notes (2019 Scheme)

KTU S7 Web Programming - (CST463 ) Notes 2019 Scheme is very easy to understand and helps to get a good score in KTU Exam. The PDF of these notes can be downloaded from here.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is used in the Web Programming course CST463 in order to create web pages and comprehend the basics of the World Wide Web. Create responsive, interactive web pages using CSS and JavaScript (JS), build websites with the cutting-edge server-side programming language PHP, create dynamic web applications with PHP, and manage MySQL databases.

Module 1

Module 1 - Syllabus

Introduction to the Internet & WWW:  Evolution of Internet & World Wide Web- Web Basics, URI’s & URL-MIME.

Introduction to HTML5: Structuring & editing an HTML5 document, Fundamentals of HTML - Headings-Hyper Links- Images - Special Characters & Horizontal Rules-Lists- Tables -Forms - Internal Linking- Meta Elements-HTML5 Form input types -Input and Data List Elements and autocomplete attribute- Page Structure Elements -Multimedia-HTML5 Audio & video elements.

Module 1 - Notes

Module 1  Web Programming | CST 463 PDF Notes


Module 2

Module 2 - Syllabus

Introduction to Stylesheets: Introduction to CSS-Basic syntax and structure-Inline Styles, Embedded Style Sheets, Conflict Resolution, Linking External Style Sheets-Exploring CSS Selectors-Properties, values, Positioning Elements: Absolute Positioning, Relative Positioning - Backgrounds-List Styles-Element Dimensions- Table Layouts-Box Model and Text Flow-div and span -Basics of Responsive CSS, Media port & Media Queries.

Introduction to JavaScript: Introduction to Scripting- Programming fundamentals of JavaScript -Obtaining User Input with prompt Dialogs-Arithmetic-Decision Making -Control Statements - Functions -Arrays -Objects -Document Object Model (DOM) -Form processing

Module 2 - Notes

Module 2 Web Programming | CST 463 PDF Notes


Module 3

Module 3 - Syllabus

PHP Language Structure: Introduction- Building blocks of PHP-Variables, Data Types -simple PHP program-Converting between Data Types- Operators and Expressions -Flow Control functions - Control statements- Working with Functions- Initialising and Manipulating Arrays-- Objects- String Comparisons-String processing with Regular Expression

Module 3 - Notes

Module 3 Web Programming | CST 463 PDF Notes


Module 4

Module 4 - Syllabus

Advanced PHP: Form processing and Business Logic-Cookies- Sessions & MySQL IntegrationConnecting to MySQL with PHP- Performing CREATE, DELETE, INSERT, SELECT and UPDATE operations on MySQL table -Working with MySQL data-Reading from DatabaseDynamic Content.

Module 4 - Notes

Module 4 Web Programming | CST 463 PDF Notes


Module 5

Module 5 - Syllabus

JSON Data Interchange Format: Syntax, Data Types, Object, JSON Schema, Manipulating JSON data with PHP 

Web Development Frameworks: Laravel Overview-Features of Laravel-Setting up a Laravel Development Environment-Application structure of Laravel-Routing -Middleware-ControllersRoute Model Binding-Views-Redirections-Request and Responses. 

Module 5 - Notes

Module 5 Web Programming | CST 463 PDF Notes


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