KTU Industrial Safety Engineering Notes S7 ISE | MCN401

Here Keralanotes.com will provide you KTU S7 Industrial Safety Engineering for all branches - (MCN401) Study materialsThe purpose of this course is to provide knowledge of various safety management principles, safety systems, machine guarding devices, danger identification techniques, energy sources, systems, and applications, as well as the necessity in the current environment. Students will be able to contrast various tools for identifying hazards and select the best one for their sector. It seeks to prepare students for working on projects and engaging in related research.

KTU S7 Industrial safety (ISE) Notes 2019 Scheme of KTU Fourth Year Engineering 2019 Scheme. Notes are Easy to Understand and help to get a good score on KTU and related exams Exams. PDF Download of KTU Fourth Year Industrial Safety Engineering 2019 Scheme Notes (MCN401).

Board KTU
Scheme 2019 New Scheme
Year Fourth Year
Semester S7
Subject MCN401 | Industrial Safety Engineering
Credit 0
Category KTU S7

KTU S7  Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN401 | Notes (2019 Scheme)

KTU Industrial Safety Engineering Notes S7 ISE | MCN401

KTU S7 Industrial Safety Engineering - (MCN401 ) Notes 2019 Scheme is very easy to understand and helps to get a good score in KTU Exam. The PDF of these notes can be downloaded from here.

The theories of accident causation and ways to prevent industrial accidents are covered in the Industrial Safety Engineering course MCN401. Describe personal protective equipment, including how to choose it, how safety performance & indicators work, and how important cleaning is. Describe the various problems facing the building industry. Describe the numerous risks connected to mechanical material handling and various machines. Utilize various tools for hazard identification in various sectors while being aware of various chemical risks.

Module 1

Module 1 - Syllabus

Safety introduction: Need for safety. Safety and productivity. Definitions: Accident, Injury, Unsafe act, Unsafe Condition, Dangerous Occurrence, Reportable accidents. Theories of accident causation. Safety organization- objectives, types, functions, Roles of management, supervisors, workmen, unions, government, and voluntary agencies in safety. Safety policy. Safety Officer-responsibilities, authority. Safety committee-need, types, and advantages.

Module 1 - Notes

Module 1  Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN 401 PDF Notes


Module 2

Module 2 - Syllabus

Personal protection in the work environment: Personal protection in the work environment, Types of PPEs, Personal protective equipment respiratory and non-respiratory equipment. Standards related to PPEs. Monitoring Safety Performance: Frequency rate, severity rate, incidence rate, activity rate. Housekeeping: Responsibility of management and employees. Advantages of good housekeeping. 5 s of housekeeping. Work permit system- objectives, hot work and cold work permits. Typical industrial models and methodology. Entry into confined spaces.

Module 2 - Notes

Module 2 Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN 401 PDF Notes


Module 3

Module 3 - Syllabus

Safety issues in construction: Introduction to the construction industry and safety issues in construction Safety in various construction operations – Excavation and filling – Under-water works – Under-pinning & Shoring – Ladders & Scaffolds – Tunneling – Blasting – Demolition – Confined space – Temporary Structures. Familiarization with relevant Indian Standards and the National Building Code provisions on construction safety. Relevance of ergonomics in construction safety. Ergonomics Hazards - Musculoskeletal Disorders and Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Constraint Satisfaction Problems: – Defining CSP, Constraint Propagation- inference in CSPs, Backtracking search for CSPs, Structure of CSP problems.

Module 3 - Notes

Module 3 Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN 401 PDF Notes


Module 4

Module 4 - Syllabus

Safety hazards in machines: Machinery safeguard-Point-of-Operation, Principle of machine guarding -types of guards and devices. Safety in turning, and grinding. 

Welding and Cutting-Safety Precautions of Gas 5 welding and Arc Welding. 

Material Handling-Classification-safety consideration- manual and mechanical handling. Handling assessments and techniques- lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, palletizing and stocking. Material Handling equipment operation & maintenance. Maintenance of common elements-wire rope, chains slings, hooks, and clamps. Hearing Conservation Program in Production industries.

Module 4 - Notes

Module 4 Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN 401 PDF Notes


Module 5

Module 5 - Syllabus

Machine Learning: Learning from Examples – Forms of Learning, Supervised Learning, Learning Decision Trees, Evaluating and choosing the best hypothesis, Regression, and classification with Linear models.

Module 5 - Notes

Module 5 Industrial Safety Engineering | MCN 401 PDF Notes


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