Plus Two English Solution Chapter1 The 3Ls of Empowerment

Plus Two English Solution Chapter1 The 3Ls of Empowerment

Empowerment. It is a buzzword that floats around a lot these days. There are many different definitions of empowerment, but essentially it refers to the right or ability to do what you need to do in life. In the context of women and gender, empowerment is most often used to refer to the ability of women to take control of their lives and make choices about things (normally) reserved for men. 

This unit takes a closer look at the world of gender roles, where women mostly play second fiddle to their male counterparts. The unit also looks at how women have been socialized and how society can play a role in encouraging equality rather than inequality between men and women.

The story starts with the concept of women's empowerment, the rights, and privileges of women, and her multifarious role. It upholds the importance of freedom for women also. Then the author describes a typical Indian woman and how she endures her male chauvinist husband.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus Two
Subject English Textbook Solution
Chapter Chapter 1
Chapter Name The 3Ls of Empowerment
Category Plus Two Kerala

Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 1 The 3 Ls of Empowerment

Chapter 1 The 3Ls of Empowerment

This unit deals with the three Ls of empowerment -‘Learning’, ‘Labour - ’ and last but not the least ‘Leadership’. It also discusses the status and role of women in the family. This story describes an Indian woman who has to suffer humiliation and mental imbalance due to her husband's utter carelessness about her. It clearly shows how a man can destroy his wife mentally by ignoring her needs and desires. This is the most significant aspect of this short speech

Nowadays, with the globalisation of Indian economy, there is a rising concern for indigenous values. But nevertheless, the female is still considered as the weaker sex in India. There are three interesting aspects of this story - firstly, how a young woman supported her mother-in-law who was an educated and an independent woman; secondly, how her mother-in-law convinced her son that she should be given freedom to work as he didn’t give her any money; thirdly, how she supports women by herself and overcomes the social evils like dowry and sati.

A woman is a symbol of dignity and honor. She is the best gift that God has given to man. She has been assigned many roles in life. As a daughter, she brings pride, as a wife she adds value, as a mother she becomes a pillar of strength and as a worker, inspires others. A good number of women have excelled in their chosen fields. They have become freedom fighters, leaders, scientists, astronauts and space explorers, artists, authors, and social workers. 

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Chapter 1: The 3Ls of Empowerment Textbook Solution

Chapter 1: The 3Ls of Empowerment Textbook Solution - Preview


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