Plus two English Notes Chapter2 Any Woman (Poem)

Plus two English Notes Chapter2 Any Woman (Poem)

Katharine Tynan’s ‘Any Woman’ is a deeply touching poem that celebrates the self-effacing love of mothers. It tells us about the cares, worries, and burdens that mothers bear everywhere to hold their homes in order. The poem also reflects Tynan’s view of motherhood as the supreme gift for the sake of which she could accept gallantly even a lessening of her literary position. 

Summary of Any Woman: The poem opens by introducing the central metaphor of the house. The mother says that she is the pillar of the house. She is the keystone of the arch without which the roof and wall would fall and the house would be ruined.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus Two
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name Any Woman (Poem) 
Category Plus Two Kerala

Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit I Chapter 2 Any Woman (Poem) 

Chapter 2 Any Woman (Poem) 


“Any women” is a thought provoking poem written by the well known Irish poetess
Katherin Tynan. In this poem she presents the all- embracing power of women to hold
a family together. Women are the pivotal part of the family . Her determination and
courage provide a sense of security in the mind of the children and help them to grow
fearlessly in the world and to become a perfect citizen. She is the pillars of the house
which sustains the roof. If the pillars are shaken the entire house will be demolished.
Likewise it is the mother who holds the entire balance of the family keeping it intact for
ever. If she is removed the roof, the walls and the entire house would be collapsed.
The mother says that she is the pillars of the house. She is the keystone of the arch. If
she is removed the roof, the walls and the entire house would be collapsed. A mother
is the life, the light, and the love that fill a house. Like the Sun, she is the fire upon the
hearth upon which the children warm their hands. She is the twist or a knot in the ring
that holds the different strands together. She holds the children together in the sacred
ring of love without which many a child could get lost. The poet compares the mother
to a mother bird that builds the nest, feeds the little ones and makes their bed with her
own soft feathers. She decorates the house, gets the table ready for dinner, spins the
curtains, and makes their bed. She walls out the wind and snow and protects them from all danger. The poem ends with the mother’s prayer to God to keep her alive till the children grow.The poem is in the form of a dramatic monologue and towards the end of it the poem turns to be a prayer. Definitely the poem makes us think of each our own mother and the sacrifices they made in nurturing us as a good citizen

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a) Woman: The focal point of the family

♦Woman is the pillar of the house.

♦Woman is the keystone of the arch.

♦With out woman, the roof and wall will ruin.

♦Woman is the heat upon the hearth.

♦Woman is the light of love.

♦Woman is the twist that holds all family members together.

♦Woman is a symbol of love and protection.

b) The qualities of a woman needs to face the challenges of life

♦Quality education



♦ Self-confidence




c) Important figure of speech used in the poem ' Any Woman'


Plus Two Chapter Wise English Notes

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