SSLC Physics Solution Chapter 2 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

SSLC Physics Solution Chapter 2 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

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Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject Physics Solution
Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Physics Textbook Solution Chapter 2 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 

Chapter 2  Magnetic Effect of Electric Current  Textbook Solution

Let us Assess

Qn 1.

Current is passed from South to North through a conductor placed below a freely pivoted magnetic needle.

  1. To which direction will the North Pole of the magnetic needle turn?
  2. Which is the rule used to arrive at this inference?
  3. State the rule.
  4. If the current flows in the conductor in the East West direction, what do you guess about the deflection of the magnetic needle?
  • Answer)

    a) To the east ( in the clockwise direction)
    b) Right hand thumb Rule
    c) The Right hand thumb rule of James Clark Maxwell. Imagine you are holding a       current carrying conductor with the right hand in such a way,
       that the thumb points in the direction of the current.The direction in which the other fingers encircle the conductor gives the direction 
       of the Magnetic field.
       The same rule is also known as Right Hand Screw Rule. If a right hand screw is rotated in such a way that its tip advances along the direction of
       the current in the conductor, then the direction of rotation of the screw gives the   direction of the magnetic field around the conductor.
    d) It will be in rest. The direction of magnetic field of the magnetic needle and the direction of magnetic field in the current flowing conductor are same.

Qn 2.

How can we find the polarity when current flows through a solenoid? Write the methods to increase the strength of magnetic field around a current carding solenoid? 

  • Answer)

    The end of the solenoid at which current flows in the clockwise direction will be the south pole and the end at which current flows in the anticlockwise direction will be the north pole. The methods for increasing the strength of the magnetic field around a current carrying conductor are 
    1. Increase the number of turns in the coil
    2. Increase the current
    3. Increase the area of cross section of the soft iron core. 

Qn 3.

The figure shows an insulated copper wire AB made into a coil. Suppose current flows from A to B through this.


  1. What will be the direction of electron flow through it?
  2. Can you find out the direction of the j magnetic field around the conductor AB? State the rule that substantiates this.
  3. Explain how you can find out the direction of the magnetic field inside the coil,
  • Answer)

    a) From B to A
    b) to the downward direction through the table
    c) The direction of the magnetic field inside the coil can be found out by Right hand        thumb rule. If the thumb is hold in the direction of current, the direction of magnetic filed is into the coil (from top to bottom)

Qn 4.

The magnetic field around the current carrying conductor AB is depicted


Based on the Maxwell’s Right Hand Cork Screw Rule find out the direction of current and record it. 

  • Answer)

    From A to B

Qn 5.

Electricity flows through a very long solenoid. Some statements are given below related to the magnitude of the magnetic field developed. Find out the correct ones and write them down.

  1. It is zero
  2. It will be the same at all points
  3. It gradually decreases towards the ends,
  4. It gradually increases towards the ends. 
  • Answer)

    It will be the same at all points

Qn 6.

The direction of movement of electrons through a magnetic field is depicted. “The force felt by the electrons due to the influence of the magnetic field is into the plane of the paper”. Is this statement correct? Explain based on the Fleming’s Left Hand Rule.

  • Answer)

    Yes.Current flows in the opposite direction of flow of electrons, According to Flemings left hand rule, When we hold the forefinger in the direction of magnetic
    field, and the middle finger in the direction of current, the thumb points downward.   

Qn 7.

In an experiment to know the intensity of magnetic field around a current carrying coil, why is the coil kept in the North South Direction.

  • Answer)

    Only when the coil is kept in the north direction, the magnetic needle becomes free to move. The coil is kept in the North, South direction so as the earth's magnetic field does not affect the experiment. 

Qn 8.

In the split ring commutator of a DC motor, semi circular rings are used. What is the need for this? 

  • Answer)


    In a motor, the split ring commutator rotaes along with the armature. The position of the half rings in the split commutator changes continuously.
    So the direction of current through the coil changes after every half rotation. Thus continuous rotation is posssible in a motor

Qn 9.

A current carrying solenoid is stretched to increase the distance between the coils. What change will occur in its magnetic field? Describe.

  • Answer)

    The strength of magnetic field decreases. As the number of magnetic field lines per unit are decreases, Magnetic strength decreases.

Qn 10.

State the Motor Rule. If the directions of current in the conductor and the magnetic field are the same, in which way will the conductor move?

  • Answer)

    A conductor, Which can move freely and which is kept in a magnetic field experiences a force when current passes through it and it moves. If the direction of current in the conductor and the magnetic field are the same, the conductor will not move.

SSLC Physics Textbook Solution

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