Kerala Syllabus SSLC Maths Notes Chapter 7 Tangents

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 10 Polynomials (EM & MM)

Math chapter 7 notes for SSLC (grade 10) Tangents The official Kerala curriculum and textbook board's most recent curriculum guidelines are used to create SSLC/Class X Maths. The definition of "tangent" is "touch." "Tangents" is the Latin term for the same thing. In general, we may state that the Tangent is the line that crosses the circle precisely once and never enters the circle. One can find several tangents to a circle. The radius is parallel to tangents. Let's find out more about the tangent cycle theory, which is crucial for the development of geometry and proof.

In geometry, a tangent is a line or plane that precisely touches a curve or curved region.

India SSLC A straight line that only touches or crosses a circle once is known as a tangent to a circle in geometry. A line that never enters a circle is said to be tangent.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject Maths Notes
Chapter Chapter 7
Chapter Name Tangents
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 7 Tangents (EM & MM)

Topics covered:

The significant points discussed in this chapter are:
  • Line and circle
  • Tangents an angle
  • Chord and Tangent
  • A Tangent from  outside
  • The circle touching a line
  • Area
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SSLC Maths Notes (EM & MM)

Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 7 Tangents Notes (EM)


Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 7 Tangents Notes (MM)


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Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 7 Tangents Question Bank (EM) 


Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 7 Tangents Question Bank (MM)


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A tangent has two important properties: 

  • A tangent touches a curve at only one tip.
  • A tangent is a line that never enters inside circles. The tangent touches the circle’s radius at a Ninety degree

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