Kerala Syllabus SSLC Maths Notes Chapter 8 Solids

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 8 Solids (EM & MM)

Here are the notes for SSLC Math Chapter 8 on Solids for Kerala SCERT students. When not closed, a solid substance keeps its form and density. With this structure, a strong adjective describes the state, or state, of a subject.

A solid object's atoms or molecules are typically compressed as hard as the repulsive force between them will allow. Crystalline solids are certain types of solid matter that tend to disintegrate in close proximity to a specific region with a distinctive shape and the force between atoms or sample molecules. Amorphous solids are some types of solids that lack a clearly discernible crystal structure.

Solids SSLC (Class 10) mathematical chapter notes are created for students in Class X in accordance with the new curriculum specifications provided by the Kerala textbook board and the official curriculum SCERT. Chapter 10 of Solids Mathematics, one of the subjects covered by the Kerala SSLC board, is a crucial chapter that all students should be familiar with. This solids chapter is also one of the clever notes chapters in Kerala mathematics. For general Kerala 10 board students, we have provided the most recent pdf download links for free SSLC Maths solids.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject Maths Notes
Chapter Chapter 8
Chapter Name Solids
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 8 Solids (EM & MM)

Topics covered:

The significant points discussed in this chapter are:
  • Pyramids
  • Height and slant height
  • Volume 
  • Cone
  • Curved surface area
  • Sphere
  • Total surface area
It is to be noted that Maths Notes and Solutions for class 10th for all chapters will be provided in a Chapter Wise manner so that the students get an exact idea about their Kerala SSLC Maths syllabus. Kerala SSLC standard 10th Maths Notes will be updated as soon as the syllabus changes by the department of education.

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SSLC Maths Notes (EM & MM)

Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 8 Solids Notes (EM)


Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 8 Solids Notes (MM)


SSLC Maths Question Bank (EM & MM)

Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 8 Solids Question Bank (EM) 


Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter 8 Solids Question Bank (MM)


Kerala SSLC Maths Chapter Wise Notes PDF Download

The study materials cover topics from basic to key formulas, theories, concepts, and analytical examples. Examples of solid materials are common table salt, table sugar, water ice, frozen carbon (dry ice), glass, rock, bulk metal, and wood.

To help students make the most of their study time, we provide a complete set of SSLC Standard 10th Maths Chapter 10 Solids Notes that will help students learn lessons in a more detailed and concise way. 

SSLC Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Solids Notes are available for all subjects. Students will benefit greatly from using class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Solids Notes PDF. Not only will they be able to understand the concepts better but they will also do better and get better marks in the exams. The notes of SSLC Maths Chapter 10 Polynomials Notes for Standard 10th are all edited by subject specialists, and keep learning materials very simple, including language and format.

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