SSLC English Solution Chapter2 The Snake and the Mirror


SSLC English Solution Chapter2 The Snake and the Mirror

Kerala syllabus 10th standard SCERT syllabus Chapter 2 The Snake and the Mirror textbook pdf solution is available for students to practice and check their understanding of the concepts in a fun way. This textbook covers all aspects of the English language required for the examination. If you have any difficulty solving these questions, feel free to question in the comment box.

Kerala SSLC English syllabus chapter2 The Snake and the Mirror solution latest book is very important for 10th standard students. This chapter helps to solve many questions. Today In this article we provide you with the solution or textbook answer or keys for the chapter2 on The Snake and the Mirror

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Snake and the Mirror
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 2 The Snake and the Mirror

Chapter 2  The Snake and the Mirror Textbook Solution

Qn 1.

What was the topic that came up for discussion between the doctor and his friends?

  • Answer)

    The topic was encounter with snakes.

Qn 2.

What does the expression ‘full-blooded cobra’ suggest?

  • Answer)

    It suggests it was fully grown, strong and energetic.


Qn 3.

“The sound was a familiar one.” What was the sound?

  • Answer)

    The sound of rats running across the beam.

Qn 4.

“In those days I was a great admirer of beauty…” Pick out the phrases and expressions from the story that justify the statement.

  • Answer)

    Taking a close look at my face in the mirror, shave daily, grow a moustache to look more handsome.


Qn 5.

What are the two ‘important’ and ‘earth-shaking’ decisions that the doctor takes while looking into the mirror?

  • Answer)

    One was to grow a moustache and the other was to keep the attractive smile on his face to look more handsome.

Qn 6.

‘Again came that noise from above.’ Did the doctor pay much attention to the noise? Why?

  • Answer)

    He didn’t pay much attention to the noise. It was the noise of rats running across the beam. It was a familiar sound.


Qn 7.

What kind of a woman does the doctor want to marry? Why?

  • Answer)

    He wants to marry a lady doctor with plenty of money and a good medical practice. She should also be fat. He wanted her to be fat so that in case he makes a mistake and wants to run away, she should not catch up with him.

Qn 8.

What happened when the doctor was sitting on his chair?

  • Answer)

    A full-blooded cobra fell from the roof. It came over the back of the chair and coiled itself on the doctor’s shoulder.


Qn 9.

How did the doctor react when the snake landed on him?

  • Answer)

    He sat there holding his breath like a stone. He was too afraid to make any move.


Qn 10.

Why did the doctors in the chair ‘like a stone image in the flesh’?

  • Answer)

    He did not know what to do. He had no time to react. He was terrified and was almost turned into a stone.


Qn 11.

In the story the snake is compared to three objects. What are they?

  • Answer)

    A rubber tube, a leaden rod and a human being.

Qn 12.

Why did he feel that he was a stupid doctor?

  • Answer)

    He had rats in his room. He could naturally expect a snake some day. He should have kept with him some antidote for snake poison. But he did not have any.


Qn 13.

“I was suddenly a man of flesh and blood.” What does the doctor mean by.this statement?

  • Answer)

    When the snake was on him, he was sitting like a stone. But when it moved away, he acted like a man. He got up from his chair and went out through the door into the veranda. From there he jumped tb the yard and fled for his life.’

Qn 14.

Why did the doctor run to his friend’s house? Did the snake harm the doctor? Why?

  • Answer)

    He ran to his friend’s house so that he could have a bath and clean himself after being touched by the snake. The snake did not harm him, except that it terrified him. The snake must have thought it had fallen into a stone as the man sat like one. Moreover, the snake got busy admiring itself looking into the mirror.


Qn 15.

“…the thief had left behind one thing ass final insult!” What was the insult?

  • Answer)

    The thief took everything except the dirty vest of the doctor. If people saw the dirty vest, they would have a poor opinion of the doctor. And this was adding insult to injury.

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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