SSLC English Solution Chapter2 The Snake and the Mirror

SSLC English Solution Chapter2 The Snake and the Mirror

Kerala 10th grade syllabus SCERT curriculum, Chapter 2 Students can practise and check their comprehension of the concepts in a fun way using the Snake and the Mirror textbook solution. The entirety of the English language covered in this textbook meets test requirements. Please feel free to ask a question in the comment section if you need any help figuring out any of these questions.

English chapter 2 of the Kerala SSLC curriculum For students in the tenth grade, the most recent book, The Snake and the Mirror solution, is crucial. This chapter provides answers to a lot of queries. Today This article offers you The Snake and the Mirror, Chapter 2 answers or solutions from the textbook.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Snake and the Mirror
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 2 The Snake and the Mirror

Chapter 2  The Snake and the Mirror Textbook Solution

What was the subject of conversation between the doctor and his friends?

Answer: Snake encounters were the theme.

Question 2: What does the phrase "full-blooded cobra" imply?

Answer: It implies that it was fully developed, powerful, and spirited.

Qn 3.
"The sound was one I recognised." What noise was that?

Answer: Rats running across the beam may be heard.

Qn. 4: "Back then, I had a deep appreciation for beauty." Select the sentences and words from the narrative that best support the assertion.

Answer: I examine my face in the mirror closely, shave every day, and develop a moustache to seem more dashing.

What two "vital" and "earth-shaking" decisions does the doctor make when gazing in the mirror?

Answer: He had two options to make himself seem more dapper: one was to grow a moustache, and the other was to maintain his charming grin.

Qn. 6: "That roar from above came again." Did the doctor give the sounds any thought? Why?

Answer) He didn't focus much on the commotion. The sound was made by rats darting across the beam. The sound sounded familar.

Question 7: What sort of woman does the doctor wish to wed? Why?

Answer: He desires a wealthy, successful female physician with a thriving medical practise. She should be obese as well. In the event that he makes a mistake and decides to flee, he wanted her to be obese so that she won't follow him.

Question 8: What took place when the doctor was seated in his chair?

Answer) From the ceiling, a full-blooded cobra dropped. It crossed the chair's back and curled up on the doctor's shoulder.

Question 9. What action did the doctor take after the snake bit him?

Answer) He sat still, stone-still in his breathlessness. He was too terrified to do anything.

Question 10: Why did the medical professionals on the chair "look like a stone picture in the flesh"?

He was at a loss for what to do. He was forced to act quickly. He was so afraid that he was on the verge of becoming stone.

Question 11. Three items are compared to the snake in the narrative. Describe them.

Answer: A leaden rod, a rubber tube, and a person.

Why did he think he was a dumb doctor, question 12?

He had rats in his chamber, to be precise. He should have known that a snake would eventually appear. He ought to have had some snake venom antidote on him. However, he lacked any.

I awoke to find myself a man of flesh and blood in question 13. What does the doctor mean when he makes this claim?


He was sitting like a stone when the snake was on him. However, he behaved like a man as it walked away. He stood up from his chair and entered the veranda through the entrance. From there, he sprang into the yard and took off for safety.

Question 14. What made the doctor dash to the home of his friend? The doctor was harmed by the snake. Why?

Answer) After being touched by the snake, he hurried to his friend's house to take a bath and clean himself. He was not harmed by the snake, but it did make him afraid. The man was sitting like a stone, so the snake must have believed it had fallen inside one. Additionally, the snake spent time gazing at itself in the mirror.

Qn 15.
The thief only left one thing behind—a cruel last insult. What insult was it?

Answer: Everything was stolen, save for the doctor's filthy vest. People would have a negative view of the doctor if they saw the filthy vest. And this just served to make matters worse.

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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