SSLC English Solution Chapter3 Lines Written in Early Spring


SSLC English Solution Chapter3 Lines Written in Early Spring

Kerala Syllabus SSLC 10th standard English chapter  Lines Written in Early Spring (Poem) notes pdf download. Learn 10th class SSLC syllabus English chapter1 notes in pdf format.   Kerala SSLC 10th English chapter1 summary in Malayalam. For all those students who are going to write the Kerala SSLC English exam, Now you can download your SSLC English Chapter3 Lines Written in Early Spring (Poem) Notes pdf along with example questions with solutions from this page.

We have given complete chapter-wise notes for SSLC Kerala Syllabus 10th English. Here we have given Chapter3 notes pdf free download. Section topic-wise word to word meaning is given in these pdf here. All chapter Notes are available for download now. Click on the links below to download notes as pdf file

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Snake and the Mirror
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 3 Lines Written in Early Spring

Chapter 3  Lines Written in Early Spring Textbook Solution

Qn 1.

What does the expression “I sate reclined” indicate about the poet’s state of mind.

  • Answer)

    It indicates that the poet was quite relaxed.

Qn 2.

Why does the poet feel sad while reclining in the grove?

  • Answer)

    He feels sad because sad thoughts come to his mind. He thinks how man mistreats man and brings unhappiness around.


    Qn 3.

    How does the poet associate himself with nature?

    • Answer)

      He associates himself with nature by thinking that his soul is linked with Nature. Nature and man share the same soul and they are connected.

Qn 4.

‘And much it grieved my heart to think/What man has made of man.” What do these lines convey?

  • Answer)

    These lines convey the sadness of the poet who sees . how man mistreats his fellow beings. The wars and bloodshed that man makes is against the principle of nature. Nature asks us to enjoy the peace and beauty that God has given us. But we quarrel and fight making us unhappy all the time.


Qn 5.

What makes the poet think that every flower enjoys its existence?

  • Answer)

    When the flower blooms it is like smiling. Naturally, the flower is enjoying its time on earth. It will not last long, but when it is alive it enjoys its time and that is why it opens its petals and gives a broad smile to all.

Qn 6.

What is the nature’s holy plan? How does man work against it?

  • Answer)

    Nature’s holy plan is to make everything and everybody happy, enjoying the good things that Gpd has created. But man works against this and spends his time quarreling and fighting. He is greedy and often spends his life getting and spending money without enjoying the beauty of nature.


Qn 7.

Suggest an alternative title for the poem.

  • Answer)

    The Beauty Of Nature

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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