SSLC English Solution Chapter3 Lines Written in Early Spring

SSLC English Solution Chapter3 Lines Written in Early Spring

Download the notes for Kerala Syllabus SSLC 10th Standard English chapter Lines Written in Early Spring (Poem). Learn the English chapter 1 notes for the SSLC 10th class syllabus in pdf format. Malayalam summary of chapter 1 of Kerala SSLC 10th English. You may now get your SSLC English Chapter 3 Lines Written in Early Spring (Poem) Notes in pdf format from this page, along with sample questions and their answers, for all students who will be taking the Kerala SSLC English test.

Complete chapter-by-chapter notes for the SSLC Kerala Syllabus 10th English are provided. Here you may obtain free Chapter 3 notes in pdf format. In this pdf, section-by-section word-by-word definitions are provided. You may download the notes for every chapter right now. The links below will allow you to download the notes as a pdf file.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Snake and the Mirror
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 3 Lines Written in Early Spring

Chapter 3  Lines Written in Early Spring Textbook Solution

What does the phrase "I sat reclined" mean in terms of the poet's mental state?

Answer: It shows that the poet was really at ease.

2. Why is the poet depressed while he lies in the grove?

Answer: He feels depressed when depressive ideas enter his head. He considers how human beings abuse one another and spread sadness.

3. How does the poet relate to the natural world?

Answer) He believes that his soul is connected to nature, thus he identifies himself with it. Man and nature are interconnected because they both have the same soul.

"And deeply it hurt my heart to think/What man hath created of man," reads Qn. 4 in the poem. What are these lines trying to say?

Answer: These sentences capture the poet's anguish as he watches. how man abuses his fellow creatures. Humanity's conflicts and murder go against the laws of nature. Nature implores us to savour the serenity and beauty that God has bestowed upon us. However, we always bicker and argue, which makes us miserable.

Question 5: What gives the poet the impression that each flower enjoys its life?

Answer) A flower blooming is similar to grinning. The flower is obviously enjoying its stay on earth. Although it won't survive for long, while it is still alive, it enjoys itself, which is why it opens its petals and smiles widely at everyone.

What is the divine plan of nature? How can a man combat it?

The holy purpose of nature is to make everyone and everything happy so that they can appreciate the wonderful things that God has made. However, man struggles against this and spends his time battling. He is materialistic and frequently spends his life accumulating and blowing money instead of taking in the splendour of the natural world.

7. Provide a different title for the poem.

Response: The Stunning Nature

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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