SSLC English Solution Chapter1 Adventures in a Banyan Tree


SSLC English Solution Chapter1 Adventures in a Banyan Tree

Kerala syllabus 10th standard SCERT syllabus Chapter 1 Adventures in a Banyan tree textbook pdf solution is available for students to practice and check their understanding of the concepts in a fun way. This textbook covers all aspects of the English language required for the examination. If you have any difficulty solving these questions, feel free to question in the comment box.

Kerala SSLC English syllabus chapter1 adventures in a banyan tree solution latest book is very important for 10th standard students. This chapter helps to solve many questions. Today In this article we provide you with the solution or textbook answer or keys for the chapter1 on adventures in the banyan tree

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 1
Chapter Name Adventures in a Banyan Tree
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 1 Adventure in a Banyan Tree

Chapter 1  Adventures in a Banyan Tree Textbook Solution

Qn 1.

“ and grounds were of Grandfather’s domain. But the magnificent old banyan tree was mine.” Why did the boy say so?

  • Answer)

    The boy said so because he was free to do whatever he liked on the banyan tree. But in the house and the grounds, he was not so free as they were strictly controlled by the Grandfather.

Qn 2.

How did the squirrel become a friend of the bõy?

  • Answer)

    The squirrel found that the boy had no catapult or airgun. Then the boy started giving him pieces of cake and biscuits. He grew bolder and took food from his hands. He even searched for the boy’s pockets.

Qn 3.

What did the friends of the squirrel think about his ‘ friendship with a human? What might have made them think so?

  • Answer)

    They thought he was headstrong and foolish for trusting a human being. They thought so because human beings kill the squirrels for their meat, skin and even for fun. (Many people eat the meat of squirrels.)

  • Qn 4.

    How was the banyan tree the noisiest place during the fig season?

    • Answer)

      It was the noisiest place during the fig season because different birds and animals came to eat the figs. The birds were mainly bulbul, rosy-pastors, parrots and crows. These birds and animals made different noises.

Qn 5.

How did the boy make the spring season exciting for himself?

  • Answer)

    He built a platform on the banyan tree and he spent the cool afternoons there. He brought cushions to sit on and he propped himself on a branch. Sitting there he read books or observed the things going on around.

Qn 6.

What was the incident that triggered a long-lasting excitement for the boy in summer?

  • Answer)

    It was a fight between a black cobra and a mongoose. A myna and a crow were also involved in the fight. At the end of the fight, the cobra and the crowdie. Cobra dies because of the bites by the mongoose and the crow dies as it is struck by the cobra.


Qn 7.

How did the cobra regard his opponent? Were they true warriors?

  • Answer)

    The cobra regarded his opponent as a superb fighter, clever and aggressive. They were true warriors as they fought valiantly.

Qn 8.

How did the mongoose manage to escape from the snake’s bite?

  • Answer)

    The mongoose bushed his tail. The long hair on his spine stood up. The very thickness of his hair saved him from the bites of the snake.


Qn 9.

The cobra was a good fighter. Pick out one of his fighting techniques.

  • Answer)

    The cobra stood on the defensive, swaying slowly from side to side, trying to mesmerize the mongoose into making a false move. His great hood came down so swiftly that the writer thought the mongoose would be killed.


Qn 10.

The mongoose proved that he was clever. Can you cite any instance of his cleverness?

  • Answer)

    When the cobra struck, the mongoose jumped neatly to one side and darted in swiftly biting the snake on the back. Then he darted away from the snake, out of his reach.


Qn 11.

What were the reactions of the spectators when the cobra struck?

  • Answer)

    When the cobra struck, the spectators, the crow and the myna hurled themselves at him. But they collided in mid-air and returned to the cactus making angry noises at each other.

Qn 12.

How did the crow push itself into trouble?

  • Answer)

    The myna and the crow dived at the cobra, but they missed him. The myna flew back to safety. But the crow tried to pull up in midair and turn back. In the second that it took him to do this, the cobra struck him with great force and it proved fatal for the crow.

Qn 13.

Why is the myna said to be wise? 

  • Answer)

    When the myna saw it missed the cobra when it dived at it, it flew away into safety and perched on the cactus. That is why it is said to be wise. But the foolish crow got killed.


Qn 14.

Who won the battle? What made the myna peer into the bushes?

  • Answer)

    The battle was won by the mongoose. The myna peered into the bushes to see if the cobra was really dead so that it could congratulate the mongoose.


Qn 15.

What prevented the Grandfather from taming the mongoose?

  • Answer)

    Grandfather knew that a wild mongoose was more useful than a tamed one. This knowledge prevented him from taming it.

Qn 16.

Why would Grandmother forgive the mongoose for stealing the eggs?

  • Answer)

    Grandmother forgave the mongoose for stealing the eggs because it kept the garden clear of snakes and it did not do any harm to the chicken.


Qn 17.

Who was the new friend of the squirrel?

  • Answer)

    The new friend of the squirrel was a white rat that Grandfather had bought from the bazaar. They enjoyed their friendship by going off together on excursions among the branches. Finally, the squirrel and the white rat mated and had babies.


Qn 18.

How did the boy come to know that the squirrel was building a nest?

  • Answer)

    The boy came to know that the squirrel was building a nest when he discovered straw and grass falling out of his pockets. Later he saw the knitting of his grandmother in the nest on the tree. There were three baby squirrels in the wool.


Qn 19.

What was the wonder that nature had kept for them in the nest?

  • Answer)

    The wonder nature had kept for them was the three white baby squirrels in the nest. Grandfather said that rats and squirrels were related and it was possible for them to have offspring if they mated.

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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