SSLC English Solution Chapter1 Adventures in a Banyan Tree

SSLC English Solution Chapter1 Adventures in a Banyan Tree

Kerala 10th grade syllabus Students may practise and assess their comprehension of the ideas in a pleasant way with the SCERT syllabus Chapter 1 Adventures in a Banyan tree textbook pdf answer. The entirety of the English language covered in this textbook meets test requirements. Please feel free to ask a question in the comment section if you need any help figuring out any of these questions.

For students in the 10th grade, the most recent book, Adventures in a Banyan Tree, chapter 1 Kerala SSLC English syllabus answer, is crucial. This chapter provides answers to a lot of queries. Today The chapter 1 of Adventures in the Banyan Tree solution, textbook answer, or answer keys are provided in this article.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Solution
Chapter Unit I - Chapter 1
Chapter Name Adventures in a Banyan Tree
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Textbook Solution Unit I Chapter 1 Adventure in a Banyan Tree

Chapter 1  Adventures in a Banyan Tree Textbook Solution

Qn 1.
"The home and grounds belonged to Grandfather. However, I had the wonderful old banyan tree. How come the boy said that?

Answer) Because he was free to do as he pleased on the banyan tree, the child declared as much. He was less free, though, because the Grandfather had tight control over the house and the surrounding area.

2. How did the squirrel come to be the boy's friend?

Answer) The squirrel discovered that the youngster lacked an airgun or catapult. The youngster then began offering him biscuits and bits of cake. He snatched food off his hands as he got more daring. Even the boy's pockets were looked for.

3. What did the squirrel's buddies think of his friendship with a person? What would have led them to believe that?

Answer: They perceived him as brazen and naive for having faith in others. They reasoned that this was the case because people kill squirrels for food, clothing, and even for entertainment. (Many people consume squirrel flesh.)

4. During the fig season, why was the banyan tree the noisiest location?

Answer: Because many birds and animals came to eat the figs, it was the noisiest location during the fig season. The majority of the birds were crows, parrots, bulbul, and rosy-pastors. Different sounds were created by the birds and animals.

5. How did the child excite himself about the springtime?

Answer: He constructed a platform on top of the banyan tree and stayed there during the cool afternoons. He got some cushions and sat down, leaning against a branch. He read books while seated there or watched what was happening around him.

Question 6: What happened to cause the boy's summertime enthusiasm to extend so long?

Answer) A black cobra and a mongoose got into a battle. The conflict also included a myna and a crow. The crowdie and the cobra after the fight. The cobra perishes from the bites of the mongoose, while the crow perishes from the snake's strike.

Question 7: How did the cobra see his foe? Were those real soldiers?

Answer) The cobra thought his opponent was a great fighter who was aggressive and smart. They battled bravely, showing that they were great warriors.

Question 8: How did the mongoose avoid being bitten by the snake?

The mongoose bushed his tail, as you predicted. His spine's long hair sprang up. He avoided the snake bites because to the thickness of his hair.

Qn 9. The cobra was a skillful combatant. Pick one of his combative strategies.

Answer) In an effort to hypnotise the mongoose into making a mistaken move, the cobra was on the defensive and swinging gently from side to side. The writer feared the mongoose would be killed since his large hood fell so suddenly.

Question 10. The mongoose demonstrated his intelligence. Can you give an example of his intelligence?

Answer) The mongoose bounded elegantly to one side and dashed in quickly to bite the cobra on the back. The snake then lost sight of him as he sprinted away from it.

What responses did the onlookers have when the cobra struck?

Answer) The crowd, the crow, and the myna threw themselves at the snake when it struck. However, they met in midair and then returned to the cactus, yelling at one another.

12. How did the crow get into difficulties by pushing itself?

Answer) The crow and the myna both dove at the snake, but they failed to hit him. Flying back to safety, the myna did. But the crow made an attempt to stop in midair and turn around. The cobra hit him with enormous force in the split second it took him to do this, which was fatal for the crow.

Why is the myna deemed wise in Question 13?

Answer) The myna flew off into safety and sat on the cactus after realising it had missed the cobra when it dove at it. It is considered wise because of this. But the stupid bird perished.

14. Who won the conflict? The myna looked into the bushes, but why?

Answer) The mongoose prevailed in the conflict. To congratulate the mongoose, the myna peeked into the bushes to see that the cobra was really dead.

Question 15. What kept Grandfather from domesticating the mongoose?

Answer) Grandfather understood the advantages of a wild mongoose over a domesticated one. Knowing this kept him from taming it.

Question 16. Why would Grandmother overlook the mongoose's egg-theft?

Answer) Because the mongoose maintained the garden free of snakes and did not hurt the chicken, Grandmother forgave the animal for stealing the eggs.

Question 17. Who was the squirrel's new friend?

Answer: A white rat that Grandfather had purchased from the bazaar became the squirrel's new pal. Together, they went on adventures amid the branches as a way to celebrate their relationship. The white rat and the squirrel eventually married, giving birth to young.

Qn 18.
The boy's method of learning that the squirrel was creating a nest was.

Answer) When he noticed grass and straw dripping out of his pockets, the boy realised the squirrel was constructing a nest. Later, he discovered his grandmother's knitting in the nest on the tree. In the wool, there were three little squirrels.

What marvel did nature keep for them in the nest, question 19?

Answer: The three white newborn squirrels in the nest were the miracle that nature had preserved for them. Grandfather claimed that rats and squirrels were related and could breed to produce offspring.

SSLC English Textbook Solution

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