Life Skills KTU S1 Notes 2019 New Scheme PDF | HUT101

Life Skills KTU S1 Notes 2019 New Scheme PDF | HUT101

Life skills are skills that provide a person with ways to capture the changes of a prosperous and positive life. Self-awareness, integration with others, abstraction and reflection on the concrete, leading to the creation of change and rooted in well-tested values ​​and principles designed to enhance the development and utilization of an individual's personality have gone. KTU HUT 101 - Life Skills Enhance students' ability to introduce themselves to the principles of personal and professional success and help them acquire the skills they need to apply these principles to their careers.

Board KTU
Scheme 2019 New Scheme
Year First Year
Semester S1 & S2
Subject HUT 101 - Life Skills
Credit Nil
Category KTU S1 & S2

KTU S1 Life Skills | HUT-101 | Notes (2019 Scheme)

The First Year (2019 SchemeLife Skills subject content will be available in PDF format for download for all students to use. It covers the topics such as 
  • Overview of Life Skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Coping with emotions
  • 21 st century skills
  • Steps in problem-solving
  • Group and Team Dynamics
  • Leadership

Module 1

Module 1 - Syllabus

Overview of Life Skills

Meaning and significance of life skills, Life skills identified by WHO: awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Decision making, problem solving, Effective communication, interpersonal relationship, coping with stress, coping with emotion. 

Life skills for professionals: positive thinking, right attitude, attention to detail, having the b picture, learning skills, research skills, perseverance, setting goals and achieving them, helpin others, leadership, motivation, self-motivation, and motivating others, personality development, IQ, EQ, and SQ

Module 1 - Notes

Module 1 Life skills | HUT 101 PDF Notes


Module 2

Module 2 - Syllabus

Self Awareness

Definition, need for self-awareness; Coping With Stress Human and Emotions, Values, tools and techniques of SA: questionnaires, journaling, reflective questions, meditation mindfulness, psychometric tests, feedback. 

Stress Management: Stress, reasons and effects, identifying stress, stress diaries, the four A' stress management, techniques, Approaches: action-oriented, emotion-oriented, acceptance- oriented, resilience, Gratitude Training, 

Coping with emotions: Identifying and managing emotions, harmful ways of dealing with emotions, PATH method and relaxation techniques.

Module 2 - Notes

Module 2 Life skills | HUT 101 PDF Notes


Module 3

Module 3 - Syllabus

21 st century skills

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Decision Making Need for Creativity in the 21st century, Imagination, Intuition, Experience, Sources of Creativ Lateral Thinking, Myths of creativity, Critical thinking Vs Creative thinking, Functions of Left Brain & Right brain, Convergent & Divergent Thinking, Critical reading & Multiple Intelligence. 

Steps in problem solving: Problem Solving Techniques, Six Thinking Hats, Mind Mapping, For Connections. Analytical Thinking, Numeric, symbolic, and graphic reasoning. Scientific temperament and Logical thinking.

Module 3 - Notes

Module 3 Life skills | HUT 101 PDF Notes


Module 4

Module 4 - Syllabus

Group and Team Dynamics

Composition, formation, Cycle, thinking, Clarifying expectations, Problem Solving, Consensus, Dynamics techniques, Group vs Team, Dynamics, Virtual Teams. Managing team performance and managing conflicts, Intrapreneurship. 

Module 4 - Notes

Module 4 Life skills | HUT 101 PDF Notes


Module 5

Module 5 - Syllabus


Leadership framework, entrepreneurial and moral leadership, vision, cultural dimensions. Growing as a leader, turnaround leadership, managing diverse stakeholders, crisi management. Types of Leadership, Traits, Styles, VUCA Leadership, Levels of Leadership, Transactional vs Transformational Leaders, Leadership Grid, Effective Leaders.

Module 5 - Notes

Module 5 Life skills | HUT 101 PDF Notes


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