SSLC 10th English Notes Chapter 2 My Sister’s Shoes Unit 2

SSLC 10th English Notes Chapter 2 My Sister’s Shoes Unit 2

SSLC 10th standard Kerala Syllabus English chapter 1  My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay) notes pdf download. Learn 10th class SSLC SCERT syllabus English chapter2 of Unit 2 notes in pdf format. My sister's shoes are the screenplay of children of heaven. ‘Children of Heaven’ is a touching drama directed by the famous Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi. My sister's shoe is an episode taken from the screen game 'Children of Heaven'. Four important scenes are well presented in the play. The family crisis and financial problems are well documented in the play. The store owner demands money from Ali to pay off their debt. He said their borrowing was excessive. They could not even pay the rent. It shows their financial status. Let's look at the way the screenplay inspired readers.

We have provided the complete notes of the Kerala Syllabus SSLC 10th English. Here we have provided Chapter 1 pdf notes for free to download. Chapter-wise  Notes are available for download. Click the links below to download the My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay) notes in a pdf format

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Notes, Summary
Chapter Unit 2 - Chapter 2
Chapter Name My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay)
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Notes Unit - 2 Chapter 2 My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay)

Chapter 2 My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay)


Majid Majidi is an Iranian filmmaker with a brilliant career that started at the age of 14. He started his acting career in amateur theater groups. He directed the film `Children of Heaven` in 1998, which was the first Iranian film to be nominated for the Academy Awards. From the Children of Heaven, Majidi has borrowed his talent for directing many films, including short and full films.
The Muhammad, The Willow Tree (English title: One Life More), The Song of Sparrows (Avaze Gonjesh Ka),  Baran, Color of Paradise. He has been lauded for his work and has been the recipient of many appreciations like Grand Prix Des Ameriques, Ecumenical Jury award, 21st Montreal Film Festival, 1997 Grand Prix Des Ameriques, 21st Montreal Film Festival, 1997, 23rd Montreal Film Festival, Grand Prix Des Ameriques, 25th Montreal Film Festival, 2001. Beyond The Clouds is Majidi's first film in Indian Cinema.

Kerala SSLC English 10th Standard My Sisters Shoes Summary

Just after cobbler has fixed his sister Zahra's pink shoes, Ali receives them from the cobbler. After that, he goes into a bakery and buys some baked nan, arranges them on a piece of fabric, and binds the cloth into a bundle. Ali then enters a vegetable shop and sets the bundle of naan on top of a vegetable box, while the bag of shoes is placed between two boxes. He collects potatoes, and the shop owner, Akbar, informs Ali that their credit limit has been exceeded. He warns Ali that unless his parents pay some money, they will not be able to obtain any more vegetables on credit. Meanwhile, a junk collector arrives and removes Ali's shoe bag, thinking it to be junk.  
Ali emerges and searches for the lost shoe bag, but it is not found. I-le feels agitated and fearful, feverishly searching everywhere. When I-le knocks over vegetable cartons, Akbar becomes furious and yells at Ali. Ali flees, terrified. Due to a disc fracture, Ali's mother is bedridden. Ali's father was a daily wage worker, but he no longer had work or salary. The family is struggling to make ends meet. The mother informs her father that she is having surgery to recover from her disc fracture. The surgery, however, will handicap her, according to her father. (He opposes the procedure since he lacks the financial means to pay for it.) Ali and Zahra are well aware of the negative aspects of their situation.  
Ali and Zahra are aware of their parents' financial difficulties and do not want to add to their stress by purchasing a new pair of shoes for them. They are concerned that if their parents learn of the missing shoes, they would be punished. While finishing their studies, Ali and Zahra exchange notes written on their notebooks. Zahra inquires about Ali's school attire. Ali advises her to put her slippers on first. Zahra becomes enraged and threatens to inform his father of the missing shoes. If Ali tells, their father will beat both of them, Ali responds. Finally, they come up with a plan for Zahra to wear Ali's sneakers whenever she goes out.

Kerala SSLC English 10th Standard My Sisters Shoes Summary in Malayalam 

Kerala SSLC English 10th Standard My Sisters Shoes Summary in Malayalam

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Chapter 2: My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay) Notes


Chapter 2: My Sister’s Shoes (Screenplay) Notes - Preview


SSLC English Chapter Wise Notes PDF Download

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