SSLC English Notes Chapter 1 The Scholarship Jacket Unit 4

SSLC English Notes Chapter 1 The Scholarship Jacket Unit 4

Chapter 1 of the SSLC English Kerala Syllabus for the 10th level is the scholarship jacket. The story is brief. The notes are available for download in document form. Learn the notes for English chapter 1 of Unit 4 of the 10th SCERT class SSLC curriculum, "The Danger of a Single Story." Martha Salinas wrote an autobiographical piece titled The Scholarship Jacket. In Texas, it was customary to give the class valedictorian a scholarship jacket. This jacket was something Martha coveted. On this subject, the narrative continues.

The Kerala Syllabus English 10th SSLC notes are available. Here, you can receive the free Chapter 3 PDF notes for this speech. Downloadable chapter-by-chapter notes are available. To obtain the The Scholarship Jacket notes as a pdf file, click on the links below.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Notes
Chapter Unit 4- Chapter 1
Chapter Name  The Scholarship Jacket (Speech)
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Notes Unit - 4 Chapter 1 The Scholarship Jacket

Chapter 1 The Scholarship Jacket (Short Story)


Marta Salinas was born in Coalinga, California, and graduated with a degree in art from the University of California at Irvine. “The Scholarship Jacket” is one of the few short stories Salinas has published in journals and collections.

Summary of The Scholarship Jacket

Every year at the eighth grade graduation, the small Texas school where Martha enrolled had a tradition of offering a scholarship jacket to the class valedictorian. The scholarship jacket featured a lovely gold and green colour scheme with a large gold 'S' on the left front side. The winner's name would be inscribed in gold letters on the pocket. Martha's sister Rosie had previously won it, and Martha had been a straight 'A' level student since first grade, so she expected to win it this year. Martha was fourteen years old and in the eighth grade. Her pals dubbed her'string bean' and 'bean pole' because she was so slender. 
She was the poor Mexican farmworker's daughter. Due to the poverty in her own family, she was living with her grandparents. On her way to PE class one day, she realised she hadn't brought her PE shorts with her. She returned to the classroom to take the test. She overheard a furious dispute between her history teacher, Mr. Schmidt, and her math teacher, Mr. Boerne, outside the classroom door. They were squabbling about the scholarship coat. Because Marhta was a Mexican-American girl, Mr. Boone refused to give her the prize. Joann, an American and the daughter of a school board member, was someone I wanted to help. Mr. Schmidt, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed to this notion, believing that it was racial discrimination, and that Joann's grades were nowhere near Martha's. 
Martha was enraged and disappointed when she overheard this talk. The following day, the principal informed Martha that the scholarship policy had changed. The principal told her that she needed to pay $15 for the award, or it would be given to another kid. Martha cried the entire way home and told her grandfather everything that had happened. Martha's grandfather was a rather wealthy farmer. He was a man of strong determination despite his lack of education. He assumed that his granddaughter's scholarship jacket was the result of her hard work. He was adamant about not paying the money. 
He refused to pay the money and urged Martha to tell the principal that if she paid, the award would be revoked. The next day, Martha informed the principal of her grandfather's choice, prompting him to reconsider. Martha was assured by the principal that he would recommend to management that she be granted an exemption and that she would be given the jacket for free. Martha was overjoyed and raced home, screaming - however this time it was a joyful cry.

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Chapter 1: The Scholarship Jacket (Short Story) Notes

Chapter 1: The Scholarship Jacket (Short Story) Notes - Preview


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