SSLC English Notes Chapter 3 The Never Never Nest Unit 4

SSLC English Notes Chapter 3 The Never Never Nest Unit 4

One-Act Play is covered in chapter 3 of the SSLC English Kerala Never Never Nest textbook for the 10th standard. Downloadable PDF notes are available. Learn English chapter 3 notes for Unit 4 of "The Never Never Nest" from the 10th SCERT class syllabus in pdf format. French author Cedric Mount wrote a one-act play titled "The Never Never Nest." The comedy "The Never-Never Nest" is a one-act play about Jack and Jill, a young, uneducated couple. 

They support paying for things over time. Aunt Jane discovers the couple to be leading a lavish lifestyle when she pays them a visit. The game includes a buy-now-pay-later marketing strategy that enables a group of people with low incomes to take care of themselves and easily purchase things on their own. On the other hand, the system also causes people to gain weight and develop a borrowing habit.

The SSLC Kerala Syllabus 10th English notes are available. Here, you can download for free the Chapter 3 pdf notes for this one-act play. Downloadable chapter-by-chapter notes are available. Download the notes for The Best Investment I Ever Made as a pdf file by clicking one of the links below.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Notes
Chapter Unit 4 - Chapter 3
Chapter Name  The Never Never Nest (One-Act Play)
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Notes Unit - 4 Chapter 3 The Never Never Nest

Chapter 3 The Never Never Nest (One-Act Play)


Cedric Mount is an outstanding playwriter of his age. He wrote imaginative plays, including Twentieth Century Lullaby, To cut a Long Short Story Short and Nature Abhors a Vacuum. His one act play is easy to conduct, funny, clever and Insightful. These dramas depict the contempt of society at the time without careful counsel. He has written in English and French. During the first half of the twentieth century he wrote many satires


Never Never Nest is a one act play. This comedy has a lot of resemblance to today's events. The majority of products are now purchased in instalments. The dramatist mocks people's habit of paying for products in instalments. This one-act play has a lot of potential. It's amusing. The story revolves around a young couple. It discusses the marketing concept of "buy now, pay later" (strategy). The hero is Jack. Jill is his wife's name. They've only recently married. They have a little child. Jack is employed in an office. Jill is a stay-at-home mom. Jack wishes to live a lavish lifestyle. The Visit of Aunt Jane Aunt Jane pays a visit to Jil and Jack's home. Jil and Jack's home is tastefully decorated. Jane is taken aback. She gave ten pounds to Jil and Jack's wedding. Jil and Jack's home is tastefully decorated. Jane is taken aback. 
She gave Jil and Jack ten pounds as a gift for their wedding. The house, on the other hand, is magnificent. Jack's pay is really low. His home, on the other hand, is stunning. All of Jack and Jill's needs are met. They own an automobile as well as a radio. They have a refrigerator in their apartment. Jane is taken aback. She is unsure if she has given a gift of 2000 pounds. Jane is aware of the truth. Everything was acquired in instalments by Jil and Jack. They don't have any property. Jack is paid 6 pounds per week. However, he incurs a weekly cost of £7. There is a decrease in income. However, the cost is higher. Only one leg of the sofa belongs to Jack and Jill. The financial institution. The sofa is owned by the bank. Only the steering wheel belongs to Jack and Jill. The car is owned by the bank. Jane is furious (angry). Jane is eager to assist Jack and Jill. As a result, she provides ten pounds. She instructs them to finish the entire instalment of each given product. Doctor Martin receives the money from Jill. Jack is enraged. 
He intends to pay for the vehicle. Jill persuades Jack. She gives the money to Doctor Martin in order for them to be able to keep their child. As a result, this one-act drama is extremely amusing. Because he falls into the "buy now, pay later" trap, Jack purchases expensive items in instalments. This one-act drama emphasises the need of good financial management in leading a happy life.

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Chapter 3: The Never Never Nest (One-Act Play) Notes


Chapter 3: The Never Never Nest (One-Act Play) Notes - Preview


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