SSLC 10th Standard English Notes Chapter 2 Poetry Unit 4

SSLC 10th Standard English Notes Chapter 2 Poetry Unit 4

Poetry is a Poem by Pablo Neruda, chapter 2 of the SSLC English Kerala Syllabus for the 10th year. The notes are available as a PDF download. Learn the English chapter 2 notes for Unit 4 of the Poetry section of the SCERT 10th class SSLC curriculum. Pablo Neruda, a poet from Chile and Nigeria, wrote the poem "Poetry."

Chapter-wise Notes are available for download, and you can click the links below to download the Poetry notes as a pdf file. Here, we have provided the Chapter 2 notes in Pdf of the SSLC Kerala Syllabus 10th English.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Notes
Chapter Unit 4 - Chapter 2
Chapter Name  Poetry (Poem)
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Notes Unit -4 Chapter 2 Poetry (Poem)

Chapter 2 Poetry (Poem)


Pablo Neruda, real name Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, (born July 12, 1904, in Parral, Chile — died September 23, 1973, in Santiago), a Chilean poet, politician, and politician who was awarded the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature. perhaps the most important Latin American poet of the 20th century. 
Awards and Honors: Nobel Prize (1971)  
Born: July 12, 1904 in Chile 
Died: September 23, 1973 (aged 69) in Santiago

Summary of poetry (poem)

Poetry (1964) by Pablo Neruda explores the concept of poetic inspiration. It is about the poet's sources of inspiration for writing poetry. The poem discusses the motivation and sources for producing poetry. Pablo Neruda brilliantly conveys the essence of being profoundly attracted and inspired by creativity in this poem. Unlike many well-known poems, this is not a tragic tale of unrequited or lost love, nor is it a joyful poetry about nature's beauty. The poem's core theme is being welcomed by creativity and discovering one's passion and calling. Poetry arrived in search of me/ I don't know/I don't know/where it came from, he says at the start of the poem.These sentences imply that poetic inspiration sought him out. They compel him to write poetry. 
The poet has no idea where they came from or what their origin is. It came from winter or the river, the poet tries to say. Winter and the river are both natural symbols. They encourage the poet to write poems. He claims he has no idea how or when he is inspired. He goes on to say, "No, they weren't voices/ words/ silence/ but I was summoned from a street." He claims that the inspiration came from the night's branches or intense fires. Whatever the source, all of them inspire the poet to write poetry.Regardless of the source, all of them inspire the poet to write poetry. 
The poet talks about how he came up with his first sentence in the second verse. He claims that his eyes were blind at the time, and that something in his soul began to change. He has no idea if it was a fever or if he had forgotten his wings. Finally, he chose his own path and penned his first scribble. He claims that his initial line was weak and meaningless. It might be a fit of craziness or perfect intelligence. The poet is unsure when he began writing the poem while penning the first line. 
Suddenly, the heavens were loosened in front of him, the planets were opened, and the plantations were palpitating. Shadows are pierced. The universe, fire, flowers, the winding night, and the universe all seem to appear in front of him. He appears to be immersed in a variety of fresh experiences. He considers himself to be a pure part of the abyss in the third line, when he exclaims, "And I minuscule being/ I was drunk with the immense narrative void." The poet begins his merry-go-round with the stars. Finally, his heart bursts free and flutters in the breeze. He is now free to write poetry.

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Chapter 2: Poetry (Poem) Notes


Chapter 2: Poetry (Poem) Notes - Preview


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