SSLC English Notes Chapter 2 The Ballad of Father Gilligan Unit 3

SSLC English Notes Chapter 2 The Ballad of Father Gilligan Unit 3

Anecdote in "The Ballad of Father Gilligan," a poem from the 10th grade, from Chapter 2 of the Kerala Syllabus for SSLC English. There are notes available for download in PDF format. Discover the SCERT 10th class SSLC syllabus in pdf format by reading English chapter 2 of Unit 3. The "Ballad of Father Gilligan" by renowned Irish poet William Butler Yeats is a straightforward account of faith in God and his generosity. The book Fr. Gilligan's Ballad investigates concepts pertaining to faith, work, and ministry.

There are 10th English notes for the SSLC Kerala Syllabus accessible. You can download free PDF notes for Chapter 2 of The Ballad of Father Gilligan from this page. Chapter-by-chapter notes are available for download. Click on the links below to download the notes as a pdf file.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book SCERT Based
Class SSLC 
Subject English Notes
Chapter Unit 3 - Chapter 2
Chapter Name  The Ballad of Father Gilligan (Poem)
Category Kerala SSLC

Kerala Syllabus SSLC Class 10 English Notes Unit - 3 Chapter 2 The Ballad of Father Gilligan (Poem)

Chapter 2 The Ballad of Father Gilligan (Poem)


W B Yeats, Irish poet, dramatist, and prose writer William Butler Yeats was the preeminent writer of the Irish literary renaissance at the turn of the 20th century. His was also an important figure in European literary Modernism in the 1920s and '30s. A pillar of the Irish literary establishment, he helped to found the Abbey Theatre, and in his later years served two terms as a Senator of the Irish Free State. William Butler Yeats Yeats began by writing epic poems such as The Isle of Statues and The Wanderings of Oisin. His other early poems are lyrics on the themes of love or mystical and esoteric subjects.
Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature  

Summary of The Best Investment I Ever Made

W.B. Yeats wrote a ballad with twelve four-line stanzas called "The Ballad of Father Gilligan." A ballad is a plain, straightforward narrative poem. The major idea of the poem is God's all-pervasive presence and love for everyone. The poem tells the story of a miracle that occurred in Father Gilligan's life when he was an elderly priest. At the beginning of the poem, a senior priest named Peter Gilligan is introduced. He provides assistance to his church's members. Half of his folks are either buried in the ground or on their deathbeds as a result of disease. He cares for the sick and officiates at funerals for the grieving. He is worn out since he sees them all through the day and night.
One day, he is so exhausted that he is ready to doze off on his chair. Insects signal evening since they are present. At that point, someone asks for the priest's aid. The priest finds it annoying that he has been called. He becomes upset due to his ongoing sympathy for those in need and his tiredness. He asserts that because of his tiredness and the frequent fatalities in his parish, he would not be able to experience peace, pleasure, or tranquilly. He quickly retracts such statements. Because his body, not his thinking, yelled those words, he begs God for forgiveness. Father Gilligan begs for forgiveness from God as knelt on the ground.
He prays while seated and eventually nods off from exhaustion. The mosquitoes are gone, and the stars are starting to come out. As night descends, the sky is filled with stars, and the wind is blowing the leaves from the trees. God speaks softly to mankind while lowering the tone of the world. The sound of sparrows chirping marks the beginning of the day. The insects are back. At that moment, Father Gillian awakens from his sleep. When he realises he has been sleeping for a while, he is surprised. He puts the burden on himself and speculates that the person who needed his help may have passed away. He rouses his mount, then sprints off at breakneck speed. He takes a hazardous trip over narrow roads and muddy fields before arriving at the sick man's home. The wife of the sick man wonders if he has come home after seeing the Father. When Father Gilligan asks about the man's passing, the wife replies that he passed away an hour ago. Dejected, the priest circles back and forth. The lady replies that once the priest went, the priest passed away quietly. When Father Gilligan hears this word, he falls to his knees. According to him, God made the stars to comfort human souls at night. Maybe one of God's angels stepped in to help him. God is a monarch who rules over the entire earth and dresses in purple.
It demonstrates how much accountability belongs to God. Even though Father Gilligan had a lot on his plate, God had mercy on him while he slept. Father Gilligan thanks God for his mercy and love in a prayer. In the poem, God's love and concern for everyone, who values all life equally, are shown.

Kerala SSLC English 10th Standard The Best Investment I Ever Made Summary in Malayalam 



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Chapter 2:The Ballad of Father Gilligan (Poem) Notes


Chapter 2: The Ballad of Father Gilligan (Poem)  Notes - Preview


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