Plus two English Chapter2 Amigo Brothers Notes, Summary

Plus two English Notes Chapter2 Amigo Brothers (Story)

The movie "Amigo Brothers" depicts the tale of Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas, two best friends from their teenage years who are obsessed with boxing. Every chance they have, they work out together and have an encyclopedic understanding of the sport and its stars. Because of their love for boxing, they have avoided the gangs and narcotics common in their New York City neighborhood. This is a good aspect of their lives. Here you can see writeups, newspaper reports, debates, and announcements,  of the story "Amigo brothers" for Plus two English.

Antonio Cruz is a naturally talented technical fighter who is tall and lanky. He breaches his opponent's defenses using his lengthy reach.

Felix Vargas is a short, stout player who lacks Antonio's technical skill but is a strong hitter. He uses the force of his blows to overwhelm opponents and force them to submit.

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Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit II Chapter 2 Amigo Brothers (Story) 

Chapter 2 Amigo Brothers (Story)


Felix Vargas and Antonio Cruz, both 17 years old, have been best friends their entire lives in New York City. They have years of boxing training and are enthusiasts of the sport. They make the ideal sparring partners for one another. Felix is stocky and muscular, while Antonio is thin and slick, yet despite their striking differences in appearance, they share the same training philosophy and aspirations for greatness in the ring.

Gold medals attest to each boy's achievements, which have been pretty impressive. The two boys are told they will fight each other after a string of altercations. They keep working out together, but they can already feel a rift forming. Both parties do not want their argument to harm their friendship.

After a week, Felix queries how they ought to approach their impending altercation. How are they meant to fight, maybe damage each other while competing for victory, and still maintain their friendship? They agree that since they both want to win, they will approach the battle professionally. They won't hold anything against each other, but they also won't exercise restraint. They also choose to train separately because there is only one week left. They give each other a final hug before parting ways till fight day.

They each take some time to unwind and get ready in their own unique ways the night before the battle, attempting to forget that they might hurt their friends. Antonio climbs to his tenement building's roof and surveys the city. He practises shadow boxing and footwork as memories of his best friend start to invade his mind. He puts his fears to rest through practise and goes to sleep while having opening bell dreams. Felix unwinds and makes an effort to block out the worrying thoughts by watching a boxing movie. He begins to identify Antonio and himself as the characters. He has the ability to visualise himself as the victor. He gets into bed and has a restless night.

The boys are in the appropriate frame of mind the morning of the fight. Residents of the neighbourhood respect and like both lads, and they are all excited to watch the battle. Each time they play, With very distinct fighting philosophies and intimate knowledge of one another, Antonio and Felix continue to fight round after round. Each boy is beaten up as the brawl continues. By the time the story ends, the guys have engaged in three rounds of combat and disregarded the final bell because they prefer a knockout victory. The lads exit the ring arm in arm as the announcer prepares to proclaim the winner.                                            

Plus Two English Amigo Brothers Appreciation:

(i) Antonio Cruz

Antonio is seventeen years old and Felix's best friend. He and Felix both have dreams of becoming world-famous boxing champions. Antonio is described as "fair, slender, and lanky" with hair that falls in his eyes. He has avoided all the negative influences of his neighbourhood like gangs and drugs and instead focuses on boxing. Not only does he train as an athlete himself, but he also reads about boxing and boxers and really knows the sport. As a boxer, he has proven himself time and again in competition and has a following in his community. He is known for his excellent boxing skills and his ability to use his speed and size in a fight.

Antonio and Felix were good Friends. No other friends or family members are mentioned in the story, and he takes care to preserve this important relationship. Felix helps him focus on boxing, which is productive and good for him. When Felix suggests training separately for the fight, Antonio readily agrees. He understands that Felix is ​​right, even if it's a bit harder for him to take the break. When they agree to train separately, Antonio is ready to finish their run together, but Felix says they should go ahead and split up until after the fight. When they are in junior high preparing for the fight, Antonio thinks Felix is ​​waving at him, so he waves back. Whether it was wishful thinking or not, the reader does not know, but Antonio's reaction shows a deep desire to see his friend again. He wants to train hard, be absolutely ready and do the compassionate thing by knocking Felix out in the first round. When they meet Antonio fights just as hard as Felix and both take and deliver plenty of hard punches. However, when the fight is over and the bell rings for the final time, they immediately stop being boxers and go together as the amigo brothers. Antonio's friendship with Felix is more important than knowing who won the fight in the championship.

(ii) Felix Varga

Felix is ​​seventeen years old and Antonio's best friend. He and Antonio are both boxers who take their sport seriously and love to train to get better. Felix is ​​described as "dark, short and husky" with Afro hair. Like Antonio, he dreams of one day becoming a world boxing champion and has chosen boxing over gangs and other negative elements in his community. He studies the sport, reads boxing magazines and knows all the statistics of boxers. As an athlete, he trains hard and has a following due to his many victories in competitions. He is known for his powerful punches, so his boxing strategy is to get close to his opponent and start punching.

Felix's relationship with Antonio is very important to him as they have been friends since childhood. Antonio is like a brother to Felix who helps Felix stay out of trouble and focus on positive things like boxing. It's Felix who initiates the conversation about training separately for the game so he and Antonio can separate their friendship from the work they have to do. The night before the fight, Felix watches a movie about boxing and imagines himself and Antonio as the main characters. This shows that even when he tries to distract himself from the fact that he has to fight his best friend, his loyalty to his friend is always present. He wants to win, but he wants to do it by quickly and cleanly knocking out his friend in the first round. He ends up leaving the match with Antonio without even hearing who won. Being the Amigo brothers was more important than Who champion won the title.

Related Questions

a) What is special about the friendship between Antonio and Felix?

Felix Vargas and Antonio Cruz were both 17 years old. They felt like brothers because of how close their bond was. They had been friends since they were little. On Manhattan's Lower East Side, they spent their formative years in the same structure.

b) How did they work to achieve their dream?

Their shared goal was to become the world's lightweight champion. They worked out whenever they had the chance, occasionally in the Boy's Club and occasionally in the gym. Wearing sweatshirts and short towels around their necks, they would run every morning. They had a number of Fight publications. Additionally, they saved all of the torn tickets from the boxing matches they had attended. They also have some of their own clippings.

c) What was the wall rising between them?

Their shared goal was to become the world's lightweight champion. Both of them put in a lot of practice. They were informed that they would compete against one another in the division finals on August 7. That had been two weeks away. The champion would compete in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament on behalf of the Boy's Club. One of them would attend the Tournament, according to the flats. The wall between them was building at this point.

d) Felix decides to go to Aunt Lucy. Why?

Felix and Antonio are both aware that they must face off in an elimination match; the victor advances to the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. They have been exercising and running together thus far. They now need a strategy of their own to beat their opponent in the fight. They so decided that their separation was for the best. Felix decides to visit Aunt Lucy for this reason.

e) Who, do you think, will win in the end?

Both will triumph. The referee and the two trainers had to separate Felix and Antonio because neither of them hit the ground. Their friendship actually prevailed.

f) The amigo brothers rushed at each other after the final bout. Why? What does this tell us about their relationship?

After the last match, the amigo brothers charged each other because they were so proud of one another. They were confident that they would always stand up for one another. This demonstrates how solid and unbreakable their bond is.

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