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Plus Two English Notes Chapter 3 Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay)

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Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit 4 Chapter 3 Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay)  

Chapter 3 Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay)


In the beginning, Dr. Hardin B Jones says that drugs were invented with the idea of ​​preventing physical and mental illness. This led people to think that any disease, whether infectious or mental, could be cured by taking a pill. For example, if signs of nervousness appear, people take pills. In order to mislead the public, medical journals promote people to buy tranquilizers, amphetamines, and mood-altering drugs. These are the reasons why the drug is abused by people. If a person abuses the drug, they lose the ability to deal with "life situations" with "perseverance", "self-discipline" and "mental effort".
Hardin says it is not good to criticize the medical field for drug abuse because the medical field has a great history from the time of Hippocrates onwards. The Greek physician Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine. Based on the symptoms of the disease, the body "constitution" and the "habits" of the patients, he would give "medicine" to his patients. Its principle is practiced by modern doctors. This means that a doctor should prescribe a suitable medicine to cure a particular disease. The positive effect of the drug is that it has "restorative" effects. The negative effect of the drug is that if a healthy person takes the drug without any disease, it destroys the healthy functioning of the brain and body.
Hardin then says that a distinction must be made between medicine and a sensual drug. Sensual drugs are those drugs that the body does not need. It will only provide a "strong sense of pleasure" by stimulating the pleasure centers either directly or through chemical mimicry. It is the brain that controls an individual's "feelings, moods, thoughts and actions" through a series of chemically controlled processes. Sensual drugs alter these chemical processes, which in turn affect the healthy functioning of the brain. These changes are evident in the mechanisms that control pleasure and satisfaction.
When an individual starts using drugs, they are less satisfied with the amount of drug they consume. Encourages more income. In severe addiction, the pleasure mechanism fails. There is a misconception that the drug can provide relief from grief and relief, but it does not give relief from grief.
A person who is addicted to drugs begins to suffer from depression, physical problems and changes in personality. They cannot even know what is happening around them and who they are talking to. His mind will always be disturbed. So his mental state can be compared to "paranoia". He doesn't know why he's being disturbed. He becomes suspicious and introverted. He feels that everyone is looking at him strangely because he cannot tell if the individual is smiling or angry at him. The addict even feels that he is "dead inside". Therefore, addicts often press their hands or feet deeply to realize that they are living in a reality that they have created. This leads them to get more and more "drug-induced feelings".
The reason drug addicts cannot stop drug addiction is because the harmful side effect of the drug is not immediately apparent. The only symptoms that drug addicts experience are "random delirious" effects and "overdose death." In extreme cases, drug addicts will face health problems. Even drugs directly affect the brain which changes the mental mechanism. This causes the drug addict to behave in a peculiar way. More than addicts harming themselves.
Drugs cause many diseases. If drug addicts use dirty needles and solutions that are used to inject drugs, it causes "abscesses" in the arms and veins, liver disease, venereal disease, and kidney and brain infections. Sniffing cocaine and amphetamines degenerates the tissues of the nose. Marijuana and tobacco smoking can cause lung disease. Heavy users of alcohol, volatile solvents, amphetamines, and marijuana can permanently damage users' livers. If pregnant women consume drugs, their children become drug dependent and show withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine and amphetamines cause hair loss. Even marijuana destroys cells. The lifestyle of drug users makes them more susceptible to pneumonia, tuberculosis, malnutrition and weight loss. An overdose of sensual drugs leads to respiratory or cardiac failure and death.
Sensational drugs alter chemical processes in brain cells that can alter cellular pathways and connections. Based on the cell damage, the side effect is either temporary or permanent. At the end of the article Dr Hardin B Jones says that this article focuses on the effect of drugs on the brain because no one is aware of the effect of drugs on the brain.

Related Questions

a) Why do people believe in drugs?

People believe in drugs because they think that any sickness of the body and mind can be healed by taking a pill.

b) What is the danger of over-dependence on drugs?

When people become over-dependent on drugs to solve their problems, they lose their capacity to deal with life’s situations through perseverance, self-discipline and mental effort. Some people think it is foolish to expend energy on solving a problem when there is an easy way out.

c) What is Hippocrates's chief contribution?

Hippocrates was the first to say that a remedy must take into account not only the symptoms of the disease but also the constitution and habits of the patient. This is his chief contribution.

d) What is the distinction between medicines and sensual drugs?

The difference between medicines and sensual drugs is simple. Sensual drugs are those that the body does not need, but they give the user a strong sense of pleasure. Sensual drugs activate the brain’s pleasure centres. Medicines are those that cure or prevent diseases. The body needs medicines but not sensual drugs.

e) How do sensual drugs act on the human body?

Sensual drugs activate the brain’s pleasure centres. It is the brain that governs sensations, moods, thoughts and actions. Sensual drugs upset the normal working of the brain and give the body a false sense of pleasure.

f) What is the danger of severe addiction?

A drug user’s craving for the drug continues, but he feels less and less satisfaction. His brain’s pleasure reflexes are by artificial stimulation. In severe addiction, the pleasure mechanisms fail to respond to drug stimulation. The drug then gives only relative relief from misery.

g) Why does the craving for sensual drugs persist in an addict?

In an addict, the pleasure mechanisms fail to respond to drug stimulation. The drug then gives him only relative relief from misery. So he wants more and more drugs and thus the craving persists.

h) How does thebi&in govern sensations, moods, actions and thoughts?

The brain governs sensations, moods, actions and thoughts by an unbelievably complex series of chemically regulated controls.

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Chapter 3: Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay)  Notes - Preview


Chapter 3: Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay) Notes


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