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Plus Two English Notes Chapter 1 Post Early for Christmas (One-act play)

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Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class Plus Two
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 1
Chapter Name Post Early for Christmas (One-act play)  
Category Plus Two Kerala

Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit 5 Chapter 1 Post Early for Christmas (One-act play)  

Chapter 1 Post Early for Christmas (One-act play)


"Post Early for Christmas" is a humorous one-act play by R H Wood. It's about some hilarious incidents that happen at the post office. When the game begins, the young assistant has had enough of the strange customers who came to her at the post office the day before.

First, Mrs. Smith comes to get some stamps and a money order. He's the type of person who posts early on Christmas. Then Mrs. Jones arrives with several large packages. When the assistant tells her that it would be better if they were published sooner, she responds rudely.

Next comes a deaf old man for his retirement pension. His poor hearing makes for some funny moments when he hears 'said' as 'bed' and 'Ted' later and 'book' as 'cook'. When the assistant has a hard time getting him, when he mumbles, he calls her deaf.

A fussy old lady comes in and thinks it's an animal clinic. She complains about her sick cat to the lady assistant. Then farmer Mr. Brown arrives with news that a time bomb disguised as a Christmas package has been discovered in the London Post Office.

Next comes a large, loud woman, Mrs. Higgins, and her unkempt son, Bertie. Bertie's bad manners and bad language make for some hilarious moments in the game. When his mother asks him 'where is your grammar?' they hear it like 'where's your grandma?'

Then a foreign tourist arrives with a package. He seems to be worried about when it will arrive at the main post office for sorting. He leaves and forgets to take his gloves. Then Bertie notices a funny sound coming from the package. Everyone is sure it's a ticking time bomb.

As everyone tries to hide in the shelter, the deaf gentleman thinks they are playing hide and seek. Bertie brings in a policeman and he tries to open the package. Then the foreign tourist returns for the gloves. He checks the shipment and announces with an alarm that it has stopped ticking.

Believing that the bomb will explode, the policeman throws the package into a bucket of water brought by the assistant. A tourist pulls a clock out of a bucket. He brought it from Switzerland.

Annoyed by all these incidents, the assistant says that she will quit her job and go to work in a veterinary pharmacy. Animals don't do stupid things like that.

Related Questions

a) What was the Assistant’s experience the other day? Why does she consider people funny?

She considers people funny because the other day one man came and asked her where he could get a stamp. She thought the man was playing a joke on her. Then there was the old man who could not see very well. He put his glasses on the counter and asked her to give him a pint of beer.

b) Why does Mrs Smith dislike snow for Christmas?

Mrs Smith dislikes snow for Christmas because she has rheumatism and snow is not good for it. Last year because of the snow and her rheumatism she could not enjoy Christmas at all.

c) Why does the Assistant insist on people posting early for Christmas?

The Assistant insists on people posting early for Christmas because parcels get damaged in the last-minute rush.

d) What is the purpose of the old Gentleman’s visit to the post office?

The old Gentleman has come to collect his old age pension. He has a huge shopping list and he wants money to buy the things on the list.

e) Why does the Old Gentleman get angry with the Assistant?

The old gentleman gets angry with the Assistant because he does not hear properly. When the assistant asks him if he brought the book, he replies he didn’t bring his cook as his wife does all his cooking. The assistant then says he did not hear what she said. The gentleman again misunderstands. He thinks she said that he ought to be in bed. This makes him angry and he asks the Assistant not to be impudent.

f) What is the problem with die Old Lady’s cat?

The problem with the Old Lady’s cat Tiddles is that she is not eating her food. She used to be a big eater. Tiddles has hurt her paw and the Old Lady thinks it must have upset her.

g) Why does the old lady decide to buy something from the post office?

The old lady decided to buy something from the post office because she came there thinking it was a vet’s clinic. The Assistant tells her where the clinic is. The lady feels that it would be rude to go away without buying something. So she will buy a two-half penny stamp. She thinks they are so beautiful and may be useful at this Christmas time.

h) Why did the farmer humorously enquire about the bombs?

The farmer humorously enquired about the bombs because he read the news of a bomb found in a post office. Scotland Yard has issued a warning that a time¬bomb disguised as a Christmas parcel was discovered in a London post office. Any suspicious-looking parcel should be reported at once to the local police station.

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Chapter 1: Post Early for Christmas (One-act play) Textbook Solution


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