Plus Two English When a Sapling is Planted Summary, Notes

Plus Two English Notes Chapter 1 When a Sapling is Planted (Speech)

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Board SCERT, Kerala
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Class Plus Two
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 1
Chapter Name When a Sapling is Planted (Speech)  
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Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit 4 Chapter 1 When a Sapling is Planted (Speech)  

Chapter 1 When a Sapling is Planted (Speech) 


When a sapling is planted, there is talk of receiving the Nobel Prize from Wangari Mathai. He begins his speech by accepting the award on behalf of the people of Kenya, especially women and children. He hopes the award will encourage them to raise their voices.

Wangari Mathai founded the Green Belt movement in response to the needs of rural women. Women are the first to realize the damage to the environment because their lives are inextricably linked with the environment. Commercial agriculture, international trade agreements and environmental damage have drastically undermined their quality of life.

Planting trees was a natural choice to solve these problems because it was simple and achievable. These trees provided fuel, food, shelter and income to support their families.

Degraded environment leads to excessive use of scarce resources. Ecosystem destruction, deforestation, climate instability and soil and water contamination lead to poverty and even conflict.
The Greenbelt movement later became a pro-democracy movement in Kenya, realizing that responsible environmental management is only possible in a democratic space.

Even today, activities that devastate the environment and society continue unabated. We should revive our sense of belonging to the larger family of life and take steps to protect biodiversity. It is time to think about sustainable management of the environment in a democratic and peaceful space.

In conclusion, he calls on young people to commit themselves to activities that would help achieve this goal. We must pass on to posterity the beauty and wonder of nature without destroying it and trying to restore its lost glory.

Related Questions

a) What was the impact when the household food crops were replaced by commercial farming?

The impact was far-reaching. It destroyed the local biodiversity and the ability of the forests to conserve water. The rural population lacked firewood, clean drinking water, balanced diets, shelter and income.

b) What, according to Wangari Maathai, is the primary role of women of Africa?

According to Wangari Maathai, the primary role of women of Africa is taking care of their families. They till the land and feed their families.

c) Why did the African women fail to meet their basic needs? 

The African women failed to meet their basic needs because of the degradation of their immediate environment and the introduction of commercial farming, replacing the growing of household crops. International traders controlled the produce prices by farmers, so they could not get a reasonable and just income.

d) What, according to Wangari Maathai, is the challenge of our generation?

According to Wangari Maathai, the challenge of our generation is restoring the beauty and wonder of the world by conserving our environment, fostered by democracy and fraternity

Plus Two English Notes

Chapter 1: When a Sapling is Planted (Speech) Notes


Chapter 1:  When a Sapling is Planted (Speech) Notes - Preview


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