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Plus Two English Notes Chapter 3 Crime and Punishment (Story)

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Kerala Syllabus Plus Two English Notes Unit 5 Chapter 3 Crime and Punishment (Story)  

Chapter 3 Crime and Punishment (Story)

It's a humorous story. This story truly confirms the old adage "spare the rod and spoil the child". It emphasizes the truth that too much care and parenting spoils the child. This story approximates the comical situation between a teacher and his naughty pupil. The boy was preparing for an arithmetic test. The test was scheduled and the teacher was preparing the naughty student for the test. A student provokes an angry teacher by repeating a wrong answer. Finally, the teacher beats the little boy. When the boy started crying, the teacher is very upset. The boy's parents were against the punishments. They are afraid that the boy's parents would know. They were very rich. The boy was their only child and they didn't like being beaten. The teacher knew this truth and tried to console the boy. The boy gave the teacher a condition. If he let him play, he wouldn't tell the truth. Finally the teacher obeyed and the boy wanted him to play with him. The teacher was very tired and the engine of the train was also damaged. Then the boy wanted him to fix it. When the teacher was not ready to correct it, he demanded a story from him. The teacher was very tired after repeating many stories. Then the boy threatens the teacher again and runs to his parents. The teacher ran after him too. But he could not reach him. The teacher then stumbled onto the portico stairs. It was at that time, the parents reached there. The teacher got very scared and wanted to confess everything. Then the boy's father asked about the test and the boy was very afraid and hid behind his parents. He looked desperately at the teacher. The teacher sympathized with the boy and replied that he won the test. The boy was very happy and grateful to the teacher. The teacher also told them about the game they played to make him happy. So this story brings so much laughter to the readers.

Crime and Punishment Character Sketch: Teacher

The teacher in R.K. Narayan's story Crime and Punishment is a symbol of traditional teachers in the Indian states of South India. He teaches six hours a day at school, but poverty has forced him to take lessons from a mischievous rich boy for thirty rupees a month. He had to tutor the boy for three hours every night and listen to the parent's child's psychological theories and pretend to agree with them. In his heart, he knew that he was responsible for the little gorilla and not for the little angel's parents. He was willing to advance Ana for the purchase of the cane, which was all it took to turn the boy into a normal citizen. 

The teacher commits the crime of beating the boy and suffers the punishment of blackmailing the boy. The boy takes control of the situation and lets the teacher dance to his tune. First the boy did his daily lessons, and then made the stationmaster. When the train stopped, he had to tell stories to the boy. In the end, the boy lets him run around the garden three times. However, he saves the boy from the parents, hoping that the boy would not betray him.

Related Questions

a) Why did the boy try to fool the teacher by repeating his mistake?

The boy tried to fool the teacher by repeating his mistake because he did not want to continue with his studies. He was interested in playing and not studying.

b) Why did the parents give the boy intensive coaching in Mathematics?

The parents gave the boy intensive coaching in Mathematics because they wanted him to score 50 in Mathematics and thus get a double promotion to the first form.

c) How does the teacher react when the boy repeated the mistake several times?

The teacher slapped the boy hard on his cheek when he repeated the mistake several times.

d) What is the boy’s response when the teacher slapped him on his cheek?

The boy gazed at the teacher for a moment and started crying.

e) Why does the teacher ask the boy not to tell the incident to his mother?

The teacher asks the boy not to tell the incident to his mother because the mother would get angry and dismiss him from work.

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Chapter 3 Crime and Punishment (Story) Notes


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