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Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name  I Will Fly
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Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit I Chapter 2  I Will Fly

Chapter 2  I Will Fly


This is a speech by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, to a group of school students at Hyderabad. He talks about being successful and unique in life.



Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is talking on the topic ‘I am born with wings’. If we desire strongly and work, we can make anything happen. No youth today needs to fear about the future. The youth has always contributed much to make the world a better one. The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth. Dr. Kalam describes an incident. The year before, he went to a village to inaugurate the programme Sasthrayaan (Science Propagation). Sasthrayaan aimed at preparing about 2000 students from different schools to become engineers, scientists, doctors, managers and civil servants. This action would also empower two thousand families of the village. Five thousand students and their family members were the audience. Dr. Kalam talked to them on the topic ‘Science Empowers Nation’. After the talk, a teenager asked a shivering question. He came from a far away village and was nervous. The boy said he wanted to become a marine engineer. But he had not gained any confidence even after years of education. He wanted to know what he should do for his dream. It was the most difficult question Dr. Kalam had since received. He valued the question because it reflected the fear of many a youth. (The boy’s question reveals that education fails in giving students the confidence that ‘I can do it’.) Dr. Kalam’s answer to the boy was the beautiful poem ‘I Will Fly’. The poem was about having belief in our own qualities and the desire to fly high

(The poem is by Jalaluddin Rumi, the 13th century Persian Sufi poet.) Dr. Kalam then discusses ‘how to become unique’. He supports the theory of individualism. Every youth wants to be unique. Uniqueness is originality. But society wants the youth to become only followers. To follow is to imitate. To be unique, we must have a great aim and fight hard. We must make our own way in the world. That is a great challenge. Be adventurous, accept the challenge, aim high and experience a different life 


Questions and Answers

1:  The career guidance club of your school organizes a seminar on ‘Road to Success’. You are asked to deliver the inaugural speech. Prepare the script of the speech.
Respected teachers and my dear friends, Aristotle said, ‘There is no royal road to learning.’ I change it-there is no royal road to success. To succeed we need the right attitude, planning, and hard work. Look at the lives of great men. They knew at an early age itself what they wanted out of life. They had high ideals. They knew their potential. They formed their lives in new ways. Thus, they contributed much to the society. We need to know our potential and find the opportunities to develop and use it. This is what career guidance aims at. I inaugurate this seminar with the hope that it will help us set an aim and succeed in life. Thank you.

2: Prepare an interview with Dr. Kalam. (Four Questions and responses)
Answer: Qn: What is required of the youth of today? 
Dr. Kalam: There are 60 millions of youth in India. They have to progress in life by setting a definite goal. You must have a definite determination to achieve your goal. 
Qn: Which position do you cherish most – as scientist at ISRO, as a teacher or as the President of India? 
Dr. Kalam: Amidst the various positions I held as a scientist, as President of India and as a teacher, what I cherish most is my role as a teacher. 
Qn: What would be your advice to those youth who make rash decisions? 
Dr. Kalam: One can lead a life in the manner one likes. However, the youth have to decide upon a goal before the age of twenty. They must continuously acquire knowledge and work hard with perseverance. Qn: You inspire many, but who’s it that you are inspired by? 
Dr. Kalam: My inspiration is my science teacher, Shri Sivasubramania Iyer, who taught me when I was in 8th standard at the age of thirteen.

3. : Imagine that a student of your school has been selected for an athletic event in the National Games. Your school has decided to convene a meeting to honour her. You are asked to deliver a felicitation. Draft a speech in the light of your reading of the speech by Dr. Kalam.
Answer: Respected teachers and my dear friends, I would like to thank our Principal for giving me an opportunity to felicitate Kum. Rekha. She has been selected for the National Games this year in the athletic event the 100 metres race. She has been the gold medal winner in the 100 metres in state level school sports and games for the last five years. Kum. Rekha is one of my best friends and the pride of our school. She is a talented athlete and works hard to improve her performance. Our former President Dr. Kalam has said we are born with potential. Believe in our potential and work hard to come out successful. Kum. Rekha truly follows Dr. Kalam’s advice. I offer my hearty congratulations and best wishes to Kum. Rekha. She is a young athlete of great promise. Let’s hope in the near future itself she will be known as ‘Olympian Rekha’. Thank you.

4. Your school has decided to conduct a debate in connection with the celebrations of Women's Day on the topic 'The social system of India does not instill confidence in women'. You are selected to speak for the motion. Draft the script for your arguments as you would like to present there.
Answer: The social system of India does not help women to have confidence. In many parts of India basic human rights are denied to women. Crimes against them like sexual abuse, killing the girl child, acid attack, dowry deaths, forced labour and prostitution are on the rise. Women have to face these horrors silently. In most of the rural India they are denied land rights, education, employment, healthcare and justice. Laws in favour of women are often neglected. They suffer from harmful practices in culture and religion. They have only the status of second citizens.

Plus One English Notes

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