Conceptual Fruit Notes, Summary Plus One English PDF Notes

Conceptual Fruit Notes, Summary Plus One English  PDF Notes

Plus One English Chapter 3 Fruitfulness Chapter Wisdom Notes PDF and Class 11 Highlights English Chapter 3 Fruity Notes designed by professional teachers from the latest SCERT textbook publications to get good marks in board tests. SCERT Plus One English Chapter 3 Conceptual Fruit Notes contains all the chapters in Chapter 3 Fruit Notes. Here we have provided SCERT English Chapter 3 Fruits Notes for Class 11. We recommend that you read SCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 3 Fruit.

Plus One English Chapter 3 Conceptual Fruit Notes: Readers can download Plus One English Chapter 3 Conceptual Fruit Notes PDF on our website for free. These Plus One English Chapter 3 Fruit Ideas notes will help students better prepare for the upcoming SCERT board exams. We also uploaded Plus One notes for all lessons on this page.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class plus one
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 3
Chapter Name Conceptual Fruit (Short Story) 
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit V Chapter 3: Conceptual Fruit (Short Story)

Chapter 3: Conceptual Fruit (Short Story) 

Thaisa Frank 
Thaisa Frank is a well-known short story writer. She worked as a psychotherapist before becoming a full-time writer. He also teaches at the University of San Francisco. This short story is about the internet.


‘Conceptual Fruit’ is a short story by Thaisa Frank. When the story begins, the family eats artichokes. Greta's father tells his family about an online website where one can build a visible road. On that visual road, one can build a virtual house where one can have many rooms that can be decorated with fruit and a library. But his wife and son, Joel, paid no attention to this. Although 11-year-old Joel can do computer programming, he enjoys doing karate. His wife is a working woman who likes to stay in the garden every night rather than spend time at the computer. Only Greta is showing interest in this website.
Greta is a 16-year-old blue-eyed girl with blue eyes and an IQ for a fifth grader. She is an active girl. With his tireless training, he was able to tie his shoes at the age of ten. Also, you learn to type. So soon you will get a job processing words. She attends a special school for different children with disabilities. Every time he hears something, he repeats it to show how careful he is.
Seeing Greta's interest, her father begins to talk about a website where one can make visible streets, visible houses, a library, etc. Shows Sam's library. Sam, who lives in Illinois, created an incredible library of ancient works.
Through this website, Greta's father created a visual street called "Greta's Street" and a visual house called "Greta's House". In that visible house, Greta decides to have eleven windows with white "pure" curtains. You want to put peaches in green containers everywhere.
Greta and Greta's father decided to put peaches in the kitchen first. Thus, his father created a visual kitchen named "Greta's Kitchen". Ask him to click on the bowl. When he clicks on a bowl, the word 'peaches' and a picture of it appear. But Greta is disappointed. You want real peaches. Dad comforts her.
Greta's father then made a virtual kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, a cat room and a bathroom according to Greta's taste. Suddenly he says he doesn't need a bathroom because it's not a real house. Dad says that Greta can decorate his room with apples, pears, and flowers.
As the story ends, the author states that Greta cannot afford to have her own house because she may live in a “party house” with children who are as disabled as she is. Dad hopes the house will have everything Greta wants.

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