Plus One English The Cyber Space Notes PDF Download

Plus One English The Cyber Space Notes PDF Download

Cyberspace is a network of computer networks. It is an imaginary place where electronic data goes. Before that J # was a playground for computer scientists and techies. But now it embraces all kinds of people, including children.

All of the important concepts for the Kerala syllabus Plus one English student are covered in the "Plus One English Chapter-by-Chapter Notes, Summary, Character Sketches, and Solutions. Cyber ​​communities will need to have a president because anyone is free to post anything. As a result, there will be unwanted advertising and existing conversations. not healthy and irreverent participants. Then cyberspace will be very noisy. In order to keep these negative things a president may be needed

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Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit V Chapter 1: The Cyber Space (Essay)

Chapter 1: The Cyber Space 

Esther Dyson 
Esther Dyson - Journalist - Esther Dyson is a former Wall Street journalist and technical analyst who is a leading angel investor, philanthropist, and commentator focused on effective health, government ... - Born: July 14, 1951 (63 years old) ), Zürich, Switzerland - Education: Harvard University - Brothers: George Dyson - Parents: Verena Huber-Dyson, Freeman Dyson - Books: Issues 2.0: The Design of Living in Digital, Issue 2.0


"Cyberspace" is an essay written by Esther Dyson. At the beginning of the essay, the author states that the modern mind follows the media, explores new things, freedoms and is willing to make rules but does not care to follow them. This leads people to become part of the internet, a world where they can do whatever they want.
 According to the author, the earlier cyberspace was used by "computer scientists" and "techies". But today the Internet contains people of all ages like children, teenagers, adults, adults, etc. The author then attempted to explain what the Internet is. Earlier metaphors used to refer to the Internet were “highways” and “boundaries”. But the author uses the word “real estate” as a metaphor. He describes the "market place" as "a clever, legal, artificial place built on the ground". 
Cyberspace can be described as a “virtual environment” that contains many websites. On these websites, some websites are free and can be used by anyone. Some websites are "private" and some are "rented". Some sites are child-friendly. There are certain websites on cyberpace that people should avoid at any cost. According to the author, these sites give a bad impression to their users and will say, "Better control".
A common misconception about the internet is that it is a world where innocent children are being held hostage by bad people. Also, people think that some users send “annoying messages” to “unwanted viewers” ​​online.
But what makes cyberspace different from other forums is that it is a platform where a person is free to choose and access any website, they can view any videos and can do any work. If Internet users do not like the site, they can leave at any time. Another feature of cyberspace is that it is a platform where everyone's needs are met. To avoid online addiction, the user should need “autonomy” rather than control.
The author then sets out some cyberspace relevance. The first is that it encourages private chat via email. Secondly, it provides information and entertainment services to its users. Also, users can download anything like movies, music, book, research thesis, paper presentations, etc. Third is that there are “real communities” on the internet that come together to talk, express their views or opinions on a particular topic. , giving suggestions to people, etc. To avoid rude participants, unnecessary advertising and unnecessary conversations, there are presidents in almost every community.
Why people follow cyberspace is that there are no power structures. Everyone can enjoy their freedom. No one will oppress or oppress them. And, online, any community can be built at any time. No matter where you are, anyone can become a member of these communities. If a user does not like a particular community, they can leave at any time. These communities are a moral society. Each community sets its own rules and regulations to protect intellectual property, content and control access and laws relating to privacy and free speech.
 Finally, Esther Dyson suggests that one should not have a negative view of cyberspace. But one must know that the world in which he lives is not perfect. Then how can one expect cyberspace to be a perfect world. And it is not perfect but one can at least have an individual decision and a personal responsibility for whatever he does.

Plus One English Notes

Chapter 1: The Cyber Space (Essay) Notes - Preview


Chapter 1: The Cyber Space (Essay) Notes - Download


Plus One English Notes PDF Download

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