Is Society Dead Notes, Question & Answers Plus One English

Is Society Dead Notes, Question & Answers Plus One English

Plus One English Chapter 2 Is The Society Dead Notes: Students can download the Plus One English Chapter 2 Is Society Dead Notes PDF from our website for free. These Plus One English Chapter 2 Is Society Dead Notes notes will help students better prepare for the upcoming SCERT board exams.
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Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class plus one
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 2
Chapter Name Is Society Dead? (Article) 
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit V Chapter 2: Is Society Dead? (Article)

Chapter 2: Is Society Dead? (Article) 

Andrew Michael Sullivan 
Andrew Michael Sullivan is a British writer, editor and blogger. He is an influential commentator and a well-known educator. His writings are best known for their portraits.


“IS THE COMMUNITY DEAD?” written by Andrew Michael Sullivan, British author. This article is about the 'pod' generation. He talks about ‘Apple products’ - modern technology has taken over his life. He uses colorful examples to show how technology has taken over our lives.
It is based on the history of the first person and speaks of his experience as he walked the streets of New York. He couldn't believe the changes that had taken place in the city because he had heard that New York was full of nightlife. But here he could not find it.
Day life was also much quieter than a mixture of shouting, chatting, hustle and bustle.
The southern city of Manhattan is a Disney-like town with a series of supermarkets and central villages. He saw something special in the city. There were white strings hanging from their ears or tucked into pockets, bags or jackets. Each was in his own closed shelter forgetting about the world around them. It is the world of the I-pad he sees there. They are all in their pockets. No sound is heard from them other than their music. Even if someone says ‘sorry’ or ‘hello’, there is no answer. The author is also one of them. He still has white strings peeking at his ears. He says he started with a walkman, followed by an MP3 player and finally an I-pad. It used to be a music game for him. But now it has become a ‘forced obsession.’ Now the attitude of the people is ‘don’t ask, don’t listen, don’t look - just listen and listen. ‘Technology has given us the universe as our whole being because the whole world is in our hands. It has become a society without social features.
Previously we had homes, recreation areas or places where we wanted to relax, where one could express feelings, relax or close the world outside. But we did not go like a crab.
Previous music was limited to the living room and was a shared experience that brought people together. But now music is a personal secret.
The author asks the question ‘what do we get out of this?’ We get a chance to get out of the monotony of the commute, to listen carefully and carefully to the music that can lift you up and keep you going. We remember many things in life - humorous conversations, the sound of a child's conversation that can take us to our childhood, songs, laughter of others, etc. External stimulation can compress the inner mind. Even boredom has its functions. We are forced to find our own ways to overcome this boredom.
In the last part he says when he was about to take a trip, he left his I-pod behind. Although he was nervous at first, he later realized that he could no longer enjoy the rhythm of others; plane sounds, taxi drivers' opinions, etc. He marveled at how everything was connected.
He concludes his story by opening up the world around us. He admits that he himself was addicted to I-pods and 'apple products' and dislike of the way technology has become to society itself.

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