Plus One English If Poem Summary, Notes, Appreciation PDF

Plus One English If Poem Summary, Notes, Appreciation PDF

The poem If's main theme is effective, virtuous living based on ideals such as integrity, righteous behaviour, and self-development. The poem talks to every reader about what it takes to become a whole man and how he navigates life's ups and downs.

All of the major ideas for the Kerala syllabus Plus one English student are covered in the "Plus One English Chapter-by-Chapter Notes, summary, Appreciation and Textual Questions and Answers. Self-Control and Restraint "If—the speaker "' promotes a morality based on moderation. In this poem, he encourages his son to keep his cool in life and to always practice self-control, ethics, and humility. This means never allowing "Success" or "Disaster"—good or bad events—to get the best of you. We have successfully gained greater user appreciation as a result of our continual efforts.

Board SCERT, Kerala
Text Book NCERT Based
Class plus one
Subject English Notes
Chapter Chapter 4
Chapter Name If
Category Plus One Kerala

Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit I Chapter 4 IF (Poem)

Chapter 4 IF


Rudyard Kipling is most known for his stories and poetry about British soldiers in India, as well as his children's stories. "Mandalay," "Gunga Din," and "If—" were among his poems. The Jungle Book (1894) and Just So Stories (1895) were two of his children's books (1902). His most successful novel was Kim (1901). (1901). Rudyard Kipling received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1907 "in recognition of the capacity of observation, originality of imagination, vigour of ideas, and outstanding aptitude for storytelling that distinguish this world-famous author's works." 



"If—speaker "'s promotes a morality based on moderation. In this poem, he encourages his son to keep his cool in life and to always practise self-control, honesty, and humility. This implies never allowing "Triumph" or "Disaster"—good or bad events—to go to one's head. The speaker argues that maintaining composure and self-control allows one to act with dignity in all situations and live a respectable and ethical life. If you can be calm while everyone around you is panicking and blaming you for it; if you can be confident even when no one trusts you while still considering other people's worries; 
if you can be patient; if you can resist lying even when people lie about you; if you can keep yourself from lying even when others do; if you are incapable of hating anyone, even when they detest you; if you can be virtuous in these ways while remaining humble; If you can have huge objectives without being a slave to them; if you can be analytical without becoming lost in analysis for its own sake; if you can be analytical without becoming a slave to it; if you can approach wins and failures with a reasonable manner, understanding them as both temporary and unimportant; if you can bear it when unscrupulous people twist your words to fool the uninitiated; if you can throw away everything you've worked for and start over; 
If you can put all you've worked for on a single bet, lose it all, and start again from scratch without grumbling; if you can push yourself to complete mental and physical weariness while relying solely on your resolve to keep going; If you can mix with the masses without losing your moral compass, or travel in the highest society without becoming arrogant; if neither your enemies nor your friends can hurt your feelings; if you can treat everyone with respect while avoiding idolising anyone in particular; 
if you can fill every second of unrelenting time with worthwhile action, then the world will be your oyster—And, more importantly, you will be a true man, my son. 
The speaker also warns his son against being conceited about his own measured and moral way of life: "[D]on't look too good, nor talk too wise," the speaker advises, directing his son away from vanity (in the sense of simply wanting to appear to be a good guy) and toward basic levelheadedness. The speaker is basically arguing that people need to strike a balance between confidence and modesty (lest their self-assuredness blind them to their own shortcomings). Those who do not prey to sin or vanity are capable of surviving through adversity, their "Will" constantly encouraging them to "Hold on!"

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