Plus One English Death the Leveller Poem Summary Notes

Plus One English Death the Leveller Poem Summary Notes

Death the Leveller by James Shirley serves as a reminder to readers that everyone will die one day. The poet states in the first stanza that every accomplishment a person can make in life is fleeting, and that there is nothing a person can do to prevent death.

The "Plus One English Death The Leveller Chapter-by-Chapter Notes" contain all of the important concepts, Appreciation, summary, Textbook Questions and Answers, character sketches, etc for the  Kerala curriculum Plus One English student. The tone of "Death the Leveller" is one of fatalism, as the poet emphasises death's inevitability. However, when the poet demonstrates how monarchs and farmers are rendered equal in death at the end of the first verse, there is a sense of poetic justice. As a consequence of our continuous efforts, we have been able to obtain higher user appreciation.

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Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit II Chapter 3  Death the Leveller (Poem)

Chapter 3  Death the Leveller


James Shirley was an English poet and playwright in the 17th century. During the years 1625-1642, he produced a large number of plays, which only came to an end when the puritanical authorities decreed that all theatres be closed. Most of the plays he wrote were produced by one of the "royal" companies during this golden age for dramatic poetry authors. It was a company named "Queen Henrietta's Men" in his case, and he was the house dramatist. The "King's Men," a notable company of the time, performed the works of illustrious playwrights like William Shakespeare, Philip Massinger, and John Fletcher.



The poet tells us in the first lines of the first stanza that the splendour of war and triumph is futile. King and peasant alike are reduced to ashes. Death is inevitable for everyone, and it always acts as a tremendous leveller. Our splendour, our birth, and our current state are all simply shadows, not solid, not concrete. They won't be around for long. Death's chilly hand cannot be avoided. He would not classify someone as a high or low birth. And we must be gracious enough to accept life's reality. 
Some men fight valiantly and successfully take countries, destroy people, and prevail. But, sooner or later, they will lose all of their strength. They had become death inmates by the end of the day. The achievements and triumphs of one's life can only be remembered until death. Men's honour and pride end up in the graveyard. Any earthly success was only temporary. Only our excellent activities and actions will be remembered. These gestures of kindness are like roses. As a result, the author subtly encourages the reader to do good. Everyone who does good will have a pleasant odour. In the ashes, good actions are blooming.


Some men fight valiantly and successfully take countries, destroy people, and prevail. But, sooner or later, they will lose all of their strength. The poem contains excellent imagery. Personification, as in "Death lays his icy hands on rulers," and metonymy, as in "sceptre and crown" and "scythe and spade," are examples of figures of speech. 'Victor-victim bleeds' is an oxymoron, while 'glories are shadows' and the actions of the just to flowers are metaphors. The poem has the lovely rhyme system ababccdd.  
As a result, the poet's pictures and devices provide a great deal of clarity for the readers to understand the poem's content. It is the responsibility of everyone to live a good life and do good things. "Death is the Leveller," the poet has managed to convey, in my opinion.

Death The Leveller by James Shirley: Appreciation

"Death the Leveller" is a powerful poem by James Shirley that reminds us that death is a force that affects all people. It is also considered a funeral song. It says that death is a great measure. The high and the low, the mighty and the humble, the rich and the poor are all equal before death. This is common sense, but Shirley gives depth and clarity to this common truth. Man's glory will not last long. All success and victory are just a shadow, not the things that matter. When death seizes the cold hands of the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak must take the lead. We have no weapon against this mighty force.

The poet discusses the concept of success and self-victory. In the last section, the poem concludes with the idea that only our good deeds will be remembered forever. We can be proud of our mighty deeds but they are not permanent. The sceptre and the crown are symbols of their power and glory. They will all be dust.

Scythe and Spade represent the poorest working class. They will all die whether they are rich or poor. Some men may gain military prominence on the battlefield. They will gain glory and honour by defeating their enemies. Their strength will be weakened. The nerves will fail. They cannot control death. Death is very powerful for them and there is nothing they can do about it. The poet speaks of death as an inevitable ending. Every now and then we slip slowly toward death.

. Acts of power or human glory are measured by the “Drying of the Lumps”. Our heads may be adorned with wreaths. But these will soon dry up and wither. So let us not be grateful for our so-called power works. Soon the conquering king will be the victim of death. He will be like an animal sacrificed on the altar of death. Red and green blood will drip on his head. All the heads will one day be buried in a cold tomb. Only the righteous and the good deeds will be remembered after death. They will be like the fragrance of fragrant flowers.

The poetic syllabus system is consistent throughout the poem The Abbccdd program follows each section. The pattern creates a rhythm as the first four lines of each stanza show and the four lines are deeper in the poem.

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