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The Serang of Ranaganji Plus One English Notes Summary charecter sketch

Serang of Ranaganji This is taken from ‘Adventures in two Worlds’, an autobiographical novel by Dr.A j Cronin. It is an anecdote from his experience as a surgeon in the Royal Navy of Great Britain.

The "Plus One English Chapter-by-Chapter Notes, Summary, character sketches, and Solutions" covers all of the important themes for the Kerala syllabus Plus one English student. During a voyage from Liverpool to Calcutta during British rule in India, the author and the protagonist, Hasan, deal with a potential crisis, a smallpox epidemic, while in the midst of the Arabian Sea. As a result of our ongoing efforts, we have been able to obtain higher user appreciation.

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Kerala Syllabus plus one English Notes Unit IV Chapter 2 Serang of Ranaganji (Short story)

Chapter 2 Serang of Ranaganji


AJ Cronin was a voracious writer, averaging 5,000 words each day and methodically outlining the specifics of his schemes in advance. In business, he was regarded for being stern, yet in private, one of his editors, Peter Haining, described him as having "pawky humour... punctuated his chats." His best-known novel, The Citadel (1937), is about a Scottish doctor who works in a Welsh mining community before making it big in London, where he gets disillusioned with other doctors' venality and incompetence. Cronin had experience in both fields, having worked as a mine medical inspector and as a Harley Street doctor. 



The ship Ranaganji was travelling from Liverpool to Calcutta during British administration in India. The author, who is also the ship's doctor, overheard Jope Smith, an upper-class lady, making disparaging remarks about Hassan, the Indian serang. He was small, stocky, and unattractive. When smallpox was discovered on board, Hassan was the first to volunteer to help the doctor. Because the revelation would cause terror among the passengers, the captain had ordered the doctor to keep it a secret. 
As a result, the patients were placed in a makeshift shelter. Hassan tended after the patients with quiet efficiency and dedication. After reciting a short portion from the Ramayana, he gave two of the patients a sea burial. During their time together, the doctor discovered Hassan's human traits. He had no desire for money or material goods. 
He was content with his situation. He genuinely cared about other people's problems. He was also a brave man. In the isolation tent, the doctor witnessed firsthand Hassan's exceptional human traits. The sick men were brought to hospital when the ship anchored off the coast of Colombo. Hassan carried them in his hands despite the fact that they were full of running sores. 
The ship finally arrived in Calcutta. Jope Smith appeared once more. She spotted Hassan unpacking the luggage and inquired about his whereabouts during the cruise. Was he kept in a particular cage? Knowing the serang's nobility, the author replied that it was a cage, but oddly, all of the animals were outside.

Characters in The Serang of Ranaganji

SERANG: - (Urdu word meaning indigenous Indian boatswain - lascar) Hassan, hero in the story - quarter-master - has experienced maritime life for 40 years - 15 years on this ship - in terms of Islam but he does not believe in God - a native of the Punjab - physically ill - brave - self-controlled - dedicated - responsible - a man of few words - a good man according to the captain - an animal according to Miss Jope Smith (these words show the character of a captain and a lady)

Miss. JOPE SMITH: - (A different character from Serang) - one of the riders in Ranaganji - a social activist - over 30 but in a quick style to look younger - snob and bore - judging people by their physical appearance.

Drs. A J CRONIN: - Vessel doctor - in charge of health - inexperienced but manages the problem with courage - dedicated to work - brave - knows who is good or bad

CAPTAIN: - Humble - about 55 years old - disciplined - just - cautious - with a good mind.

Character Sketch of Hasan

As the title suggests, Hasan is the main character in the story, Serang of Ranaganji, written by Dr. A J Cronin. In appearance, he is square and ugly with short legs and a large uneven head. That is why Jope Smith called him a “senseless comedian.” He is the quartermaster of the ship in charge of loading and unloading cargo.
She is from Panjab. But he has no place, family or friends on the beach as he has spent 40 years of his life on various ships. Fifteen years ago he worked in Ranaganji. He is a religious Muslim.

It is true that difficult times reveal your true nature. Appearances can be deceptive. When a smallpox was reported on a busy ship, it was Hassanan who volunteered to assist the ship's medical secretary. While giving him a doctor, Captain Hamble highly commended him for being the best man he could be.

Hasan is a man of few words. He has a quiet ability and the ability to find solutions to problems quickly. When they do not find space to isolate the patients in a crowded vessel, he suggests suggesting that they make a shelter in the back of the boat to get away from other passengers.

Hasan is very compassionate. Although not part of her job, she volunteers to do dangerous work. When the doctor asks her to be careful, she says. ‘Don’t worry, Dr Sahib. I am strong. And it 's my job too.' He is undoubtedly sincere.

Even in a situation where it can test very strong nerves, the serang is calm and undisturbed. The doctor remembers with gratitude the hope, the new heart, and the comfort he received through Hasan's mere presence.

What sets her apart from most other people is her attitude toward money. When a doctor suggests you deserve an extra payment, he says, ‘What good is money, Dr. Sahib, to someone who has everything he needs? I am fine as I am. ’Money was not interested in him. He had courage, self-control, and faith.

When Jope Smith made that last comment, it sounded very ridiculous to a reader who knew the real story that was going on after the incident. The last line of the story sounds in the reader's mind giving us a warning, never to judge. "... Isn't that a thought, Miss Jope Smith, the animals were all out."

Character Sketch of Miss Jope Smith

Miss Jope Smith was a passenger in Ranaganji. He was a pushy man. She was over 30 years old but dressed modestly and in a bold style to look younger. He was a first-class passenger in Ranaganji. She was often seen with her boyfriend Ronnie. He was very nervous and bored. His comment on the serang was a 'senseless joke'. When, at the end of the story, he asked the narrator if he had kept the serang in the kraal, the narrator gave him the right answer. He said the serang was kept in the cage but all the animals were outside. He meant that he was a beast of burden and a symbol of nature.

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